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Mark Sanford is Mets Hall of Fame Catcher Gary Carter

Mark Sanford

Mark Sanford is Dead Mets Catcher Gary Carter

  When in doubt Check the spouse, and you will find the truth they are trying to hide from you. So just chalk up another one for DallasGoldBug.  Soon you will see them cut and run.  
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  1. Charles king /

    Blocking off everything but the mouth gets good results also especially when they are smiling. You will find identical mouths and teeth although sometimes they will Jack with a facial feature such as putting a gap in one characters front teeth. But usually.they leave the facial features alone. The illusion comes mainly from angle of face shown, glasses, makeup, hats, color and style, hair, etc. Notice the media rarely shows two or more faces from the same angle at the same time.
    Keep up the good work. Other than those who are in on it, you are probably the most awake person on the planet. Amazing how you can point out the illusion step by step and most people refuse to see it. Yet they will believe the illusion and hate anyone who tries to awake them.

    • Thank you for the kind words. Yes agreed. You have to look at the event and try to figure out the size of the budget. If it’s a large one they may go for the veneers or some will go the botox and full bald cap hair change. If it’s a long-term character like a senator, they will try to keep it simple since they will have to do the process every time they make an appearance. Contrary to belief they rarely show up at the capital building. THATS A BIG ISSUE. But this is one of the reasons they will take an actor out of the rotation and make then sit it out while they physically age and then add on what is needed to complete the illusion. Ones like Trew Goudy (Thomas Lennon) come with the skills to disguise. He has talent but still can’t get past the goofy actor look they make when they are trying to be anything but themselves. But the chink in the armor still is the spouse which is usually a sibling sometimes a parent plays the role but typically it’s their sibling. That one catches them every time.

  2. Charles king /

    Looking at pictures, both still and moving, and comparing facial features one at a time from the same angle will show some strange results from the music industry. Look for still pictures of music groups. It will be hard to find a band that has more than one true member. Nearly every group picture of a band is one face playing all roles. And again the eyes often give it away. Sometimes I compare by looking deeply into the eyes especially when the view is straight on face to face. It’s comparing both eyes at the same time and the area around the eye. But blocking everything off except one eye is usually more obvious. Check out some of the bands from the fifties or so. Look at one eye at a time if necessary. I once read that looking at opposite colors on the color wheel at the same time creates confusion in the subconscious and makes you more susceptible to suggestion. Could something related be going on here?

  3. Charles king /

    I still say in many cases the two men and their spouses are all four the same person. The eyes often give it away. Block off everything but the right eye then compare all four right eyes. Same with left eyes. One face plays multiple roles in pretty much every movie and TV program. Same with print ads and all the political crowds shown in pictures. Been comparing facial features one at a time from the same angle for 35 years. Takes a little practice but pays off. Start training the eye with still pictures. Remember must be from same angle. Don’t box yourself in. One face playing multiple roles is standard practice for just about everything from the media. When you compare facial features one at a time from same angle you often can.only be sure of maybe half or more of the matches but enough to know you see it. And many times there is no doubt.

  4. Charles king /

    You say check the spouse and in numerous cases such as this one the spouse looks like the husband when you compare facial features one at a time from the same angle.

  5. motocross /

    Sanford, Florida is where youth baseball tournaments are held. My brother played there years ago. What a coincidence, huh?

  6. Damn, bru… Now this dude need to catch some flack… Don’t ya think…???


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