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Update From Fort Hood To Fort Lauderdale The Shooter Identified




The so-called shooter in the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting is a former staff member of Alex jones Infowars broadcast and producer of the 9/11 movie Loose Change, Jason Bermas.

The domestic terrorist company headed by the royal ALEX JONES, INFOWARS needs to be shut down and their assets seized.  They are the fearmongering crew who are supplying the DHS with the needed actors who are terrorizing this nation with their HSEEP funded ExPlan Drills that the media then uses as hoaxes for their content.  They get paid, the media profits, and all at the expense of the taxpayer who is funding the DHS and their terroristic rampage under the guise of preparedness.

There has never been a school shooting in this country.  there has never been a mall shooting in either, there has never been any postal office active shooter event that is broadcast on the news that was real. They have all been scripted drills that the host of the drill gets grant money from the DHS’s HSEEP program.  Go to their website and look it up.



Here is one of Alex jones current staff members.  Look familiar?  I’ll bet you he’s Jason’s brother or related in some way.

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  1. The Alex Jones staff member in that last video - Owen Shroyer - isn’t he the guy you identified as Brad Pitt a while back? (

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