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Congress Baseball Game Shooter Identified

Do I need to say it?  Ok fine I will, the event of course once again is a hoax the media is using for content.  Whether or not a drill for the security team or whatever at the end of the day it’s not real and no one was injured and I’m sure they will get their DHS grant under the HSEEP program as seen on the DHS’s own website.


James Hodgkinson of Belleville, Ill. the gunman. is being played by The 12th Duke of Marlborough Jamie “James” Blandford - Blenheimm Palace - Tatler He is a Rothschild

On June 14, 2017, in Alexandria, Virginia, a Republican member of Congress and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana was shot while practicing for the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity, scheduled for the following day. Also shot were Crystal Griner, a Capitol Police officer assigned to protect Scalise; Zack Barth, a Congressional aide; and Matt Mika, a Tyson Foods lobbyist.

OF COURSE, THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT but if you want to read the whole thing you can here

A ten-minute shootout ensued between the shooter—James Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois, a left-wing activist[7][8]—and officers from the Capitol and Alexandria Police. Officers shot Hodgkinson, who died later that day from his wounds in George Washington University Hospital.[6][9] Scalise and Mika were taken to nearby hospitals, where they underwent surgery.[10] Scalise is the first sitting member of Congress to have been shot since Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot in 2011.[11]

The shooting took place on June 14, 2017, at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria, Virginia, across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. There were 20 to 25 Republican congressmen who had gathered at the park to practice for the next day’s Congressional Baseball Game for Charity, an annual, bipartisan event first held in 1909. Among those at the practice, aside from Scalise, were Senators Rand Paul and Jeff Flake, and Representatives Roger Williams (the team’s coach), Chuck FleischmannTrent KellyMo BrooksBrad WenstrupRodney DavisJeff Duncan, and Joe Barton (the team’s manager).[6][12][13][14]

Prior to the game, the Republicans had held practices at the same time and place each morning.[15] The team began its practice around 6:30 a.m. EDT that day.[15][16][17]

At the practice and before the shooting, Representatives Ron DeSantis and Jimmy Duncan were approached by a man who asked whether it was Republicans or Democrats on the field. Duncan reportedly replied that it was the Republican team.[18] DeSantis later told reporters that both he and Duncan believe that the man was “the same individual police have identified.”[18]

Three Capitol Police were present at the practice to protect Scalise,[19] who, due to his House leadership position, has a full-time security detail assigned to protect him.[20] They were posted behind the first-base dugout on that day.[19][21]

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