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JFK Assassination and Chuck Berry, James Brown, et. al.

The information found on this page is only a small portion of the mountain of evidence that supports my research.  Feel free to check back for updates and you can always use the search function at the top of the page.

The information is the work of Ed Chiarini who got his start when he was hired by Robert Groden (the leading authority on the JFK Assassination) to be the medical illustrator for his book High Treason which went best seller.  After selling over 6 million copies of that book he was hired to illustration Roberts second book “The Killing of a President”  they turned that book into a video documentary called JFK The Case For Conspiracy soon thereafter.

My advice to you if this is the first time you are viewing Ed’s work.  Put aside what you think you know about the events talked about on this site.  Attempt to refrain from the knee-jerk reaction the information may get you to feel.  Allow yourself to view all the information and understand these are not just lookalikes but are all actors who are related to the core families that own the media conglomerates.  They are used over and over in different unrelated events so they can keep control of the lie and control those involved from talking.  Know how they connect to the fake news of today and you will begin to see the rule book and playlist they use to create these staged events.  Once you see the patterns you will never look at the TV and the SO CALLED NEWS the same again.

If you have questions about the content please ask before you throw mud.  You just might learn something.

Now back to Chuck Berry and his faked death.

How do I know this, you ask?

How many times does it take for the Musician to die just before an album they just produced is released will it take for you to understand its a publicity stunt?

The name is not owned by the musician.  It’s owned by the label.  How do I know this?  Radio was the medium that started the pseudonym name game, in order to protect their stations from a discount DJ from quitting and going to another station which they would in effect then take all their listeners with them.  So the studios and stations gave the fake name to the on-air talent so they retained ownership of it if the talent left.  So what happens when a talent wants to leave?  Well, that all depends on how much value their name has created.  Meaning if they are worth creating a legend out of their name then they will kill off that pseudonym in some fantastic scripted out made for TV movie type scene which in turn increases the value of that name and they can cash in for the next 50 years on merchandise they sell with that legends name and likeness on it.

When I exposed Elvis, it struck fear in the hearts of those involved with the conn.  How do I know that?
Within 24 hrs Celine canceled her Los Vegas contract.  Within one weeks time, they liquidated all Graceland property, even his plane.  Then within one month, they announced he was dying. then shortly after that not only did they kill him off but they killed her brother (who was really his twin brother) and his Doctor.  HOW CONVENIENT.


But back to the story.

Remember only a person can give the authority to someone else to use their name and likeness to sell a product and if the person is dead there is no one that can sign the contract.  So a dead person can’t tell the studio sure go ahead print up some shirts with my photo on them and make a profit from me.  But they can if they own the name. the Musician that plays the role signs the soul of that character they are playing over to the studio that created it.  This is the selling of the soul that you hear mentioned about in movies.  In effect they are selling the persona to the owner with the contract that states when they decided what the musician does or doesn’t do with that brand but when they are not contracted to be their character they can not claim they are the person playing the persona, because they could damage the value of the brand and since they don’t own it they can get sued for damages.

After I exposed this he all of a sudden had a car accident that put his playing hand in a cast and he claims he can’t use it anymore.  In addition, he owns a bar where they have live bands playing.  He was known to play from time to time but I guess not anymore.


MORE JFK Musicians

The images of him with his wife in the white shirt come from his 50th high school reunion. Yes, I tracked him down to his reunion.

So he has a few years to fatten up after his so-called death before he played a role in the JFK Assassination HOAX as an eye witness


So when you see the name Chuck Berry being used in the media it’s to generate publicity.  When you see that publicity just so happens to coincide with the release of a new album, KNOW THEY ARE ALIVE.

Tex RItter and Nelson Rockefeller signatures

Tex Ritter and Nelson Rockefeller signatures



I have stated for years now he played a role in the JFK Assassination as an employee of the school book depository and worked with Oswald.

Don’t believe me?

Now watch this video and close your eye and when you hear a familiar voice (like Eddie Murphys) open them

More About Chuck.
Looking at his upper lip we see the scar that also matches the video of the eyewitness, we also see he shares the same scar as well known individuals father.  Did you ever wonder where Charlie Murphy gets his name from, or where Eddie Murphy gets his singing and musicals skills from?  Their father Chuck.  Now when you look at photos of their father you will see they claim their real father died a long time ago and the person they call dad is their stepfather.

Nice try music industry but we are not fools anymore.  We know he is their father and his staged death was to throw people off and to cover the possibility of people connecting Eddie and Charlie to Chuck Berry.

Or should I say the musician playing the role of Chuck Berry?


Well, then what would you say if I showed you two other well-named musicians that worked there as well?

And look they didn’t even bother changing his name much.

Also in the video, you will see the first person interviewed is Little Richard

Richard W. Penniman
(December 5, 1935 - living) U.S.A.





Look at the following very tall person playing an eye witness.  Do you recognize him?  He’s talking with a mouthpiece and fake teeth.  That’s wilt chamberlain


You might not know her, but believe me, she is the godmother of rock n roll.

She was an eye witness to the fake shooting of Officer Tippit.  Who was played by the GODFATHER of Rock-n-roll

Look who played his mother.  Yet another Grand Ol Opry star. Trudy Stamper.  Still, don’t believe me that Carl Perkins is Tippit?  Remember Perkins is from the town of TIPTONVILLE Tennessee.  On top of that look at his brother who played in his band.  They Played the role of Oswald’s Brothers.



Outside parkland hospital, we find not only Frankie  


Amos Euins, AKA Frankie Lymon

Amos Euins, AKA Frankie Lymon. Franklin Joseph “Frankie” Lymon (September 30, 1942 – February 27, 1968)[1] was an American rock and roll/rhythm and blues singer and songwriter, best known as the boy soprano lead singer of the New York City-based early rock and roll group, The Teenagers. The group was composed of five boys, all in their early to mid teens. The original lineup of the Teenagers, an integrated group, included three African American members, Frankie Lymon, Jimmy Merchant and Sherman Garnes, and two Puerto Rican members, Herman Santiago and Joe Negroni. The Teenagers’ first single, 1956’s “Why Do Fools Fall in Love”, was also their biggest hit. After Lymon went solo in mid-1957, both his career and those of the Teenagers fell into decline. He was found dead at the age of 25 in his grandmother’s bathroom from a heroin overdose.[2] His life was dramatized in the 1998 film Why Do Fools Fall In Love.


Of course, we have John Connally but look who he really is or played along with his brother just keeping it in the family as they always do.





Do you now see how impossible that coincidence would be along with all the other famous musicians that played roles outside the school boot deposition and all throughout the assassination hoax that day?  Understand they are made to take part in these staged events and as a payment, they are made famous by musicians, actors, or elected officials.


Horace Eldridge dill, Don Carter, Dallas Mavericks, tramp number one, JFK assassination

Here we see tram number one from the JFK assassination hoax. His name is Danny dill. A songwriter and a member of the grand ole Opry. His real name is Horace Eldridge dill, and he is also known as Don Carter. The first owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

Harold Lloyd Jenkins AKA Conway Twitty

Tramp number two was Harold Lloyd Jenkins AKA Conway Twitty.

Whitey Ford, the Duke of Paducah, Benjamin Francis Ford, the three tramps, JFK assassination, November 22, 1963

Tram number three was Whitey Ford, who for years has been confused with Hunt.

But that doesn’t mean HUNT wasn’t involved.

I was personal friends with Larry Howard.  (Get it E HOWARD)  Everyone said his sudden death was unusual.  That’s because he’s not dead.  OLD but not dead.  And he is a former King of Romania.

AGAIN we see famous musicians playing the roles of eye witnesses.


Is that Col Tom Parker we see?  Hummmm

See the General Standing next to Kennedy?

Guess who?  Coll Tom Parker Elvis’ Manager

See the General to the far right?

Guess who?  Dallas Police Chief Curry the chief during the Assassination

See the General to the far left?

Guess who?   Film Director Tom Ford.



Oswald was said to of taken a drive by shot at General Walker who was in his home office when a bullet traveled into his home.  Do you believe that story?  You better not because if you did I would tell you I have a few pieces of a famous UFO that crashed in Roswell.



From the bottom to the top the royals are running the show.

Ok so we have Lucy’s Brother as playing the first person arrested for the Assassination, do we see other members of her family playing roles too?

So you have Desi Arnaz playing a role as a Cuban (big stretch there)  but he and lucy and their Desilu Productions were bought by CBS.  But who was Desi’s father?

REMEMBER I said Kermit Roosevelt was Hitler and then became Walt Disney.
Disney was in charge of the CIAA which was headed up by Nelson Rockefeller (Who I say is TEX Ritter)
The Second Prime Minister of the newly formed communist state of Israel is played by none other.  This is why they claim Hitler built Israel and they wanted to put a statue of him in the downtown of Tela view. But we see that Desi Arnaz’ Grandfather is Disney/Hitler/Kermit


 Walt Disney In Argentina (Kermit Roosevelt was the head banker of Argentina go figure)




JFK Assassination: David Ferry


Paula Deen, Tina Towner Busted

Paula Deen is a pseudonym. The actor that plays her also plays the role of Tina Towner in the JFK assassination along with many other Royals

JFK and Carter

JFK and Carter


The evidence is backed up with scientific forensic evaluations.
You don’t have to take my word for it. download the images and test them for yourself.

So what about the Oswald shooting?

Don’t think I’m taking away their talent, because of that’s not the case at all.  Just because you are given special treatment doesn’t mean you automatically become a celeb.  You have to bring your A-game and be able to convince the audience and the public that you have talent and are worthy of stardom.  If you fail then you are moved to another position in the game and that is usually the role of an elected official.

Want to be an astronaut?  No problem.

To learn more about the NASA lie click here

Validate it by examining his daughter.  Theri supporting staff will be their family members.

Let’s not forget the military aspect of this legend making scam.  Musicians travel the globe and are given access to places and people that the general public never gets to experience.  This means they are accepted into the political and powerful circle of elite people and in most cases will be known to party like a rock star with them.  Can you think of any better way to get leverage on a rich corrupt elected official then you have evidence of them doing drugs or playing with prostitutes while they party with a celeb or rock star?  then wake up the following morning to find themselves being forced to accept some political war scam that the US creates so we can milk them out of some natural resource their country possesses and controls?

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  What?  Can’t you connect the dots?

Who owned the US debt now?  China.
What country is the largest use of the Drug Opium?  China
Who owns the Poppy fields?  Afghanistan.
Who owns those poppy fields now?  The US
Why? Because we staged a war so we could gain control over that plant that only grows there.

Who does China buy their drugs from now?  The US
Who has leverage over the Chinese and can cut them off if they don’t behave?  WE DO.

Case Closed.

As for the photographic evidence that backs up my claims about Chuck? Enjoy.

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  1. Once again, masterful presentation. The gang’s all there! This proves again & again that your work goes well beyond lookalikes. Your relentless scrutiny into the JFK assasination HOAX not only strengthens your assertion that it was a hoax, it proves your subsequent investigations as well. The spouses & relatives are all there.

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