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UPDATE 9/12 WellAware1 Makes it on the Chart!

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This story just took a turn. Check out the update I made and you will see this is most likely an attack on my work. You decide.
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Wellaware1.com makes the cut

Just happened to catch this graphic, and as I was looking at it thinking to myself I wonder where wellaware1.com ranks...HOLY SH*T!


Wellaware1.com makes the cut

It's interesting because the hit reports that Google shows are nothing compared to the real numbers I git when I run the reports on my servers.  They are suppressing and burying the site in the majority of search engines.  So it's important for you to support the site by spreading the word and linking back.


After watching Kate's lecture, I wanted to address something that might be confused by her graphic.
@36:00 in her presentation she shows this graphic:

https://www.hcde.washington.edu/news/video-of-kate-starbird-disinformation-lecture is where you can see Kate Starbird's presentation.   Unlike the sites she posts in her lecture, I make myself available for any questions.  I would hope she would contact me so she can hold my feet to the fire and understand what it is we do here and why we are not like the others.  We are the only ones doing what we do even though that would fall under alt media we are not a conspiracy theory site.

Where she shows wellaware1.com linked with a site called 21centurywire.com.  Although she does not say it directly, the viewer may get the impression that I am in some way connected to that site.  Let me be perfectly clear, WE ARE NOT ASSOCIATED, CONNECTED, PAID BY, INFLUENCED BY, OR WORKING WITH, ANY OTHER SITE, COMPANY, CORPORATION, AGENCY, GROUP, INDIVIDUALS ETC.

I can not dictate who links to my work or mirrors the work on their site with or without commenting that the information is from wellaware1.com and is in no way associated with their site.

This is important.  The content 21stcenturywire.com covers in no way represent the work I do here.  Wellaware1.com is in no way a CONSPIRACY site.  If you believe that then you have not understood what it is we are doing here.  I have never called myself a conspiracy theorists and by definition the items we cover here fall under CORPORATE BUSINESS since there are no laws broken when a corporation, or government stage an event for the purpose of multijurisdictional drills.  These drills then fall under the definition of HOAX when the mainstream media takes the footage they shoot at the drills they are part of (SEE DHS HSEEP Program) and edit it in a way that coincides with the lie they then push on their viewers.

Since there is no crime taking place it is not the business of law enforcement to tell the media how and what they can publish to their viewers.


If any label were to be used to describe my site it would fall more in line with conspiracy debunker since all the conspiracy you see on sites like 21stcenturywire.com all fall under the media conglomerates push for content creation.  AGAIN NOT A CONSPIRACY SINCE THERE IS NO LAWS BROKEN.

If I went around calling them criminals that would get me sued.  They are not criminals, although what they are doing to humanity is morally reprehensible.   The actors that are involved (SEE DHS.gov's ACTOR WAVIOR FORM on their site)  are practicing their freedom of speech. Even though they knowingly participate in these events that will be used by the media to push their agenda it is not criminal.

Do I like the laws that allow this?  Its the same laws that allow me to post my work and is covered by the first amendment.  Unfortunately, the same constitutional protection can be used by those who are out to manipulate you and society that those of us who are trying to expose them use.

The only way I know how to stop some of them (and this only goes for over-air broadcast, not cable or satellite) is to invoke the FCC HOAX law.  This law does not cover paid for content like cable or satellite because that is a subscription-based content and they can show you anything they want since you paid for it.

As for Kates lumping me in with sites that cover topics like Aliens, Illuminati, masons, jews, Secret Societies, Paranormal activity, Mystical, etc.  I do not and will not have that content on my site because again I know its all a bunch of bull.  All those things the alternative media push are EXACTLY the same as the mainstream media pushing their corporate and government asset narrative.   What I do cover is the identification of the actors who are paid to play roles in the public who have infiltrated our government and media.  By using scientific methods of multimodal biometric analysis we show you WHO these actors are and whom they are related to.

Why they do what they do is speculation but the FACT they are doing this IS PERFECTLY LEGAL.  I show the official papers anyone who runs for office fills out.  I have stated numerous times that this form I have questioned my lawyer about and confirmed the FACT that a person can run for office and never have to show any form of ID.

The candidate oath form and the "Type of ID SHOWN" or "Personally Known" option at the bottom of its first-page show how a third person can vouch for the candidate and this AGAIN IS PERFECTLY LEGAL.

This should appall you.  What it means is you don't know the birth name of these people.  It also means you don't know who is funding them, or that it could be a foreign entity trying to place their actor in positions where they can benefit from their legislative decisions.

If you don't think this is possible, ASK YOUR LAWYER and they will confirm everything I have just said.  Now whether or not you believe the information I present as per who these actors are, THAT IS SECONDARY TO THE FACT THAT THE ABILITY FOR AN ACTOR TO GET ELECTED TO OUR GOVERNMENT IS A REALITY.  The loophole allowing this must be closed or you will never see any change.  You cannot hold them accountable for their lies because you don't know who they are.  FACT.


I figured I would watch the rest of her lectures, which the one above is 1 of 3 but the second one I watched didn't have Kate presenting but Jevin West Assistant Professor, Information School, University of Washington

I will be adding images to the names for you later today but wanted to get this out there so you can think about what you are seeing take place.

Upon seeing JEVIN for the first time I immediately thought to myself, Mackenzie Astin.

Jevin West

Mackenzie Astin


(If you are not aware of the Astin family from the work I have done on the Sandy Hook hoax, Columbine, and The Desilu Effect documentary, you would know the Astin family along with the Arnaz and Duke family are the people playing roles in the JFK Assassination hoax (Desilu owned by Desi Arnaz and was bought by CBS) then Columbine where John (Mckenzie's father and stepfather of Sean.

John Astin, Sean Astin, Mckenzy Astin, Glenn Taranto the actor that plays GOMEZ Adam's in the movie remake of the Adams Family. the original role played by JOHN ASTIN.

Who sean was told that Desi Arnaz Jr was his father for many years) John plays the Sheriff and standing in the same shot you can see Mckenzie and Sean standing right behind him.  But also see the police liaison is the actor that played Gomez Adams Glenn Taranto (A role that John played in the original Adams family) in the modern-day remake movie of the Adams Family.

We also see Lucy Arnaz

Lucy Luckinbill, daughter of Lucille Ball, plays several roles in staged Desilu productions

playing the role as the CBS news head commentator, and her friends Illean Graff

Senator Gillibrand is not who she claims to be. She is played by Ilene Graff, actor, singer, and songwriter.  She is also playing roles in other well-known productions such as the Columbine hoax, which we know is a Desilu production. She was the principal for the for the school.

playing the role of the principal, her daughter playing the role of Dawn one of the victims, and Desi Arnaz jr playing the role of the Sheriff.  While Thad Luckinbill his nephew stands right behind him.

Desi Arnaz Jr. was said to be the father of Sean Astin for most of his life, but they found out that is not the case. But this didn't stop Sean and Desi from becoming very close.

Thad Luckinbill is Desi's nephew.

We also have John Astin's BROTHER playing the pare of Creepy Gene

Gene Rosen of Sandy Hook is played by PAUL ASTIN, Johns brother.


Now skip ahead to Sandy Hook and you have Sean's daughters used as the Robbie Parker daughters and Mackenzie playing the role of ROBBIE PARKER.

Robbie Parker and Robert Graham and Shawn Astin in the Sandy Hook Hoax

You also have Ilene Graff playing the mother of the shooter Adam Lanza and in real life, Ilene is married to a man with the last name LANZArone.  You also have the school principal played by Lucy Arnaz.


HOLLYWOOD, CA - DECEMBER 02: Actor Sean Astin (C) with daughter Ali Astin (L) and wife Christine Astin attend the premiere of 'The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug' on December 2, 2013 at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Barry King/FilmMagic)

Sean Astin's older daughter playing the role of Mrs. Parker and her uncle Mackenzie plays the role of Robbie Parker.

Robbie Parker played by Sean Astin's brother Mckenzie. Robbie's daughter are Sean's daughters in real life.

Sean with his wife and daughters. This photo is old.



Cutlery lover on YouTube (a person who tried to rip me off for 4 10oz bars of silver) plays a role of a Sandy Hook parent.

Manchester bombing desilu hoax actors
Here we see more of the same old family. Desilu productions are producing this hoax event so of course, who do you find in the production? Well, their family members of course. Julia is the secret Granddaughter of Lucy. She plays a role in the Sandy hook hoax along the side of her husband.

sandy hook hoax parent and son in law of Lucille ball
On the left, we have Lucille Luckinbill's son-in-law, on the right one of the Parents who is a firefighter for the Newtown Sandy Hook HOAX. Tell me they are not the same person. Julia his wife is the secret Granddaughter of Lucy.

Manchester Bombing hoax actor plays role in sandy hook
In the same video as the other Desilu son in law, we see another family member playing dual roles in the Sandy hook hoax as well as the Manchester Bombing HOAX.

Her daughter playing the role of one of the parents.  While Desi Arnaz Jr's daughter Haily plays the role of the crying girl we see outside of several staged event.  Do I need to go on?

Haley Arnaz

I can.  Because that family is behind so many of these events that to say its a coincidence that the person presenting this attack on fake news and lumping me in after I exposed every person in the Astin family would be absolutely mind-blowing.


If you still think Columbine was real,  watch my documentary The Desilu Effect and remember the event was a school production.  Here are the outtakes with the actors practicing their lines.

Original video before slaughter columbine

All their connections.


Here is the ExPLAN document that I leaked that cause DHS to call off a school shooting they had planned.  This outlines everything I just said about the use of the media to document the staged event.

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