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Alex Jones “Louis Farrakhan: Angel Or Devil?”


This story was first published in 2016.

The title of this page, “Louis Farrakhan: Angel Or Devil?” comes from Prince Gustav of Denmark AKA Alex Jones’ site.   It demonstrates how the phony mainstream media create managers for both ends of a problems spectrum.  All this is so the public will fall somewhere in between the two extremes and the choose a side further dividing the masses.  A unified voice has always been the one thing the powers that be fear.

I like to take both those ends and show you they are the same.  How do I know this? Simple.  If one were to say the things that they say about another person regardless of whether or not they are in the media, they would get sued.

Therefore, if the people you see on the news were not created straw persons, there would be lawsuits filed like crazy.  For example, if one were to say anything about me and cause me damage I would have grounds to sue them.  So when you see two entities fighting on TV you can bet they are both owned by the same media outlet and that outlet is usually the conglomerate owners of the corporation that owns the network they appear on.

Alex Jones and Linda West

In this image we see at the top Carina Axelsson, who they claim is the former fiancé of Prince Gustav. We see at the bottom Alex Jones with a person that he occasionally has on his show named morningmayan (on YouTube) or Linda West. Note the gap in her front teeth and of course the faces the same. The top image was taken approximately 15+ years ago.

I exposed Alex a while back, as being Prince Gustaf, and many jumped on me saying it can be true.  But when you look at the evidence and see the fact that he has numerous individuals working for him that are identifiable as Royals, then the evidence outweighs people’s opinion.

Some other facts about Jones, he has a son named REX.  Rex means king.  He has an employee Aaron Dykes, Dikes as in the little boy who put this thumbs in the dikes to stop them from leaking.  (Which is an American fairy tail not even from Holland.)

Alex Jones is Prince Gustav and of course, we see the guest on his show who is actually his ex-fiancé Morningmyan or Linda West


As you can see in this photograph. Alex Jones is not Bill Hicks but they are cousins you can see the children match as well. When it comes to Hicks and his children. I believe the young one is Aaron Dykes, the one that works for Alex Jones.


One, in particular, is his number one man and who happened to be the partner of Bill Hicks.  And by the way, Alex is not Bill, but Alex is his cousin.  As you will see in the family photo at the bottom.  But the person that I am speaking about now is Kevin Booth.  Kevin is the producer of Alex’s products and also is a Royal.


The woman that Kevin is with as a Royal is Alex Jones or Prince Gustav’s sister.


A very old photograph of Alex and his sister. We can see that they match.


So Kevin also plays in several media events that are active shooter scenarios. This one happens to be in Wichita Falls Texas and was a shooting at a pizza restaurant

And if you send yourself Kevin Booth’s nose does not really look the same, well you be right.  Because he had a nose job


Jones and the alt media are located in Austin Texas.  This is where UT is located.  The UT clock tower shooting was the first school campus shooting in the US.  It was a hoax as well.

As I mentioned some of the other royals that work for Alex Jones.




You can see the above prince in disguise playing the role of a federal reserve bank employee who asks Alex Jones to leave.  All staged all fake all to conn you.  Skip to 0:49 seconds in.


This photo, of course, was taken quite a while back.


This photo is 20+ years old


Photo of Linda West taken recently


The teeth match the facial landmarks match and ears match. You know the right ear of Hancock. The top is folded over which they can easily do with prosthetic’s and or with the edge of the glass rims.

And now for Louis Farrakhan, we see that Louis is actually Herbie Hancock musician.  We also know that Farrakhan is a musician as well and plays the violin and several videos.

Here is where the scandal begins as we see Louis Farrakhan people have outed him as having a half white grandchild.

Now they say that Louis Farrakhan has an older brother.  That older brother.  I have not been able to find any photographs of and I am suspect to believe that his brother may be Elijah Mohammad, but that speculation.


It was brought to my attention that Herbie and Ray Charles appear to be very similar in appearance so after doing in your analysis, I can say they definitely are not the same person. But they do share enough genetic traits that I would say they are probably related.

U_of_Texas_Clock _Tower_Shooting

U_of_Texas_Clock _Tower_Shooting

As I have stated numerous times before.  Hollywood, as well as TV, are a pay to play business.  If you want in you first have to be blood to the top owners.  Even though you are related you still have to pay the piper, and that comes in the form of a trade deal. You have to play a role for them as you see above the actors then get rewarded with their own TV show Webster.  You see them stay together because they are siblings and will never tell on each other.  So they continue to work and know as long as they are loyal to the system they will be taken care of.

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