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JAMES TRACY Identified.



EXCLUSIVE Department of HomeSCAM Security Oh, I got them this time.

DHS is guilty of committing fraud and terroristic acts against the American public.

They need to be held accountable and forced to disband. What I caught is a major oversight.

While I was in the middle of producing a new video I needed to pull the Actors Waiver form from the DHS website. The Forms is the one they give to actors to fill out before they participate in the Active Shooter ExPlan Drills.

When I downloaded the form, I pulled it into office and noticed something as I went to look at the properties. In office documents when you create a record, it logged the name of the computer and the account name of the person using that computer. It registers the time and if the document has been revised. You are supposed to strip the record of all personal information before you publish them to the web. It’s common practice that I guess the DHS overlooked. Because the person that created this document was a member of the HSEEP program. This is important because this individual is also playing a person in the public arena that claims he got fired for saying sandy hook was a drill. AND no he wasn’t identifying himself as a DHS employee. No one knows he is but now they will. So watch the video and find out who it is.

The HSEEP program gives federal grant money to locations that host Domestic Terrorist Drills.

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