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Trump Attacker Publicity Stunt

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<p>Yes, the fake attacker was Brett Greenberg.  I have exposed him in so many events it's hard to keep track of.</p>
Brett Greenberg

Brett Greenberg plays many roles, including the trump attack and the pepper spring of a 15-year-old girl outside of the trump rally

Yes, the fake attacker was Brett Greenberg.  I have exposed him in so many events it’s hard to keep track of.




So if you are familiar with my work in the area of the corporate conglomerates that own the media you understand the rules and regulations those conglomerates must follow when it comes to posting video or content on their networks.  If you see, Donald Trump using this actor who we know is Brett Greenberg, and you know that Brett belongs to the Disney/Hearst family,  that would mean that Donald Trump is also one of their contract actors.  Knowing this, you see that he is fake, and they are all fake, and all these things are just staged as publicity stunts to get more airtime.  They also own the content of this story since they created it, and will milk it for as long as they can to try to make Donald Trump stay in the headlines.  If you know some of the other work in that, it did when it comes to the Greenberg families.  You also know that David Axelrod, who was Obama’s chief advisor until I exposed them, is married to a Greenberg, family member.


Here is Brett playing with his relative Dave Grohl.  Please note this is how his family rolls, they only promote from within and set up these bogus events to leverage celebrity to create more celebrity so they can keep on scamming the public and steal your hard earned money.

Courtney Cox and Springsteen anyone? You better believe it was a fake set up as well.

Brett playing officer PRIMO  (Name gives it away)


Just following in the family footsteps: Here is his Cousin Tony Greenberg


Brett also plays a Jordanian prince

Brett Greenberg playing a role at the Occupy Wall Street protests

Brett Greenberg is playing the role of Mark Lacey, the New York Times, author of the article that attacked me.

A very young Brett at his bar mitzvah. With his uncle, Michael Greenberg and his father, Leon Greenberg


michaelgreen (1)

Michael at the Dallas Gun Protest. My photo.

walter-krumkinski-Recovered-Recovered IMG_2695

Michael with known NAZI Walter Krupinski father of Steven Spielberg


Brett at his brother Ethan Greenberg  Bar Mitzvah.


Brett many years back with his Brother and his cousin Tony Greenberg

Brett also plays the leader of Hezbollah,  and was also one of the victims in the Batman movie shooting as seen in this photo below.

brett greenberg at furgson
Brett playing a provocateur at the Ferguson riots and of course on the Alex Jones people were there with him

Brett at Sandy Hook shooting. And the interesting thing is you can see Brett listed as living right by that location if you do a search on the free people locator sites.  Pay no mind to the age they have him listed. You can also see him as living by the Boston Bombing location too.  And please note, his cousin Tony lived 20 minutes away from the Sandy Hook site as well

Parents pick-up children outside Sandy Hook Elementary School after a shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. At least 27 people, including children, were killed on Friday when at least one shooter opened fire at the elementary school. (Michelle McLoughlin/Reuters photo)

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