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Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting


Check back as we will be updating this page as information gets confirmed.


As this event develops I will post my opinion based on the video I’ve seen.  If you think logically you know when an ambulance is called to a scene, they arrive and get the patient back to the hospital as quickly as possible.  THEY DO NOT PARK ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD IN GROUPS and sit there.  They have a job to do and they arrive to get the patient and leave.  THIS IS A DRILL.

Another thing to think about is the video footage is all the same on all the channels.  That means the government has handed this footage to all the networks.  You have a few pieces of footage they have approved and then give to the media to pick from.  So they have a very limited choice.  If they had their own camera crews there it would look different on every channel.

Drill Drill Drill.

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