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The Truth About Wernher Von Braun


The Truth About Wernher Von Braun

Make sure to check this page often as I will be expanding the story with the other investigations I’ve completed.  The siblings of these individuals all play roles in these events further validating my work.

The Identification process that is used in my work is defined as a multimodal biometric evaluation. Of those modes, they can be any number of or all of the following accepted methods. Ear, dorsal hand vein, teeth, and facial landmarks (hard and soft).

The supporting evidence typically is seen by the match of any or all of the following. Spouse, sibling, parent, or distant relative. A phrase I say often is. “When in doubt, check the spouse.” You will find the spouse will match, and in most cases, that person will be the sibling of the person of interest. There are numerous reasons for them to use this method which I go into detail on my site

AGAIN this is not a case of look-alikes. These people are all blood-related and as you will see their families are all playing important roles that enable them to manipulate the historical events we believe were real.

When you understand what they are doing and have done you will see that although the wars are real and people die, the reasons why we go to war are not genuine and the leaders of each side are related to one another.

These families are the owners of all the raw materials manufacturers that are needed to produce the killing machines as well as they own the Big Oil and Gas production companies needed to fuel them. Sustaining a war as long as possible is their objective. The longer the war the bigger their families profit. This is why they always push for war. You must understand that.

In addition to that side of the event, they also own the publishing industry as well. So they are creating the history of the world then profiting by publishing the books written about the events. Since they write the scripts for the theatre of war you can understand why it’s important for them to use their family members to fill the roles of those historical figures. The profit is unimaginable. But at the end of the day, it’s the peasants who die for their lie. They (the family member actors) are recorded as heroes in the history books while the men and women who are the real heroes lay dead on the battlefield.

The actions of one family are responsible for the death of millions of innocent people.  They are still in power to this day using fake names, and the bloodline just passes down the baton to the next generation who continue the cycle.  It will not stop until the people rise and take back what has been taken from them while making examples out of those in their families who continue to benefit from the bloodshed their relatives caused.

Click on the images and then view them in high res so you can see all the details.

I want you to understand the implications of this information.  Wernher Von Braun, the World War II German V2 Rocket engineer, the person responsible for the bombing of Europe, killing thousands, causing destruction across the globe, is Elliott Roosevelt.  The son of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was our President when his son was playing this role for the enemy.

1958-F.l.t.r.-baroness-Von-Braun.-baron-Magnus-Von-Braun-and-Dr As I always say when in doubt check the spouse. In this case, the spouse matches and so do the parents.

Not only do we have Elliott’s spouse matching Von Braun’s,  even the parents of both match.  There is no denying this. I was sick to my stomach when I discovered this massive attack on humanity, and even sicker since this is not the first time they did something like this.  We can trace the lineage up through Teddy Roosevelt’s father.  I believe he is General Grant, and his brother played General Lee.  Remember Teddy’s first wife was a Lee too.

The Civil War was a hoax and was a scam designed to cripple this nation, and for the Royals to overthrow the South and take their tobacco plantations.  They realized if they freed the slaves it would put the plantations out of business since they were the workforce.  After the north won and took over that industry they reinstated slavery and went right back to business as usual.   This is why we see the tobacco industry owned by Philip Morris, a UK conglomerate.  Note all the names for their products are based on UK towns and cities.  Today with the Vape industry causing cigarettes to be phased out you see the Royal families maintaining their profits by controlling the nicotine industry needed for the vapes.

If you want to validate everything I’m saying you can easily do this by looking at the parents of the individuals I mention.  Compare the father and mother of one person to the father and mother of the person I say they are.  You will find they all will match.  This also falls in line with the historical recount of the events, putting the individuals overseas during the time of the war.

Knowing Eliott Roosevelt was Von Brawn, and his father was the President of the US during WWII, and Elliott’s cousin played Hitler, we are left with the question who was running the British side of the war?  Winston Churchill of course.  But when we dig down into his background, we find that he too is family and is Jesse Root Grant, the son of President Grant, who I say is the father of Teddy Roosevelt.

If you think this is far-fetched, then back up your opinion with some photographic evidence. As I see it and as the photographic and known historical records show all these individuals visiting Emperor Wilhelm at some point between WWI and WWII.

Emperor Wilhelm the second we see has infiltrated into the United States government, along with the rest of the German Royals

Emperor Wilhelm the second we see has infiltrated into the United States government, along with the rest of the German Royals


Winston Churchill also plays a role of Herman William Goering and is also the son of Pres. Grant. This is proven a fact by way of dorsal hand vein biometrics evaluations.

Winston churchill

Combine all this along with, Jesse Root Grant, playing the role of Winston Churchill. You have both the US and British Leaders as one family, along with the leader of the German’s also related.  Don’t forget this is not the first time they did this, and their parents all took part in the Civil War too.

I have touched a little on the family tree being traced to Washington during the Revolutionary War.  Don’t you find it interesting that General George Washington our first President, fought the King for our freedom and that King was also named George? How many sons did King George III have?  Many.  Funny he looks a lot like George Washington too.  What do you think the odds are that George Washington is one of King George’s sons?

George Washington, Marquis de la Fayette, Thomas Jefferson

Here we see the photographs of King George III who I believe is George Washington. We can see by the spouse that they are a match. Also, the Marquis de Lafayette, I believe, is Thomas Jefferson. Recall that after Jefferson was president he took the role of Ambassador to France. He was also friends with King George, and additionally was one of the largest landholders in Virginia. All of these items are shared by both Jefferson and Lafayette. I will save that information for another post.

If you know the work I’ve done on this family, you know who they became after the war.  In particular Kermit Roosevelt who after playing the role of Hitler, also played the role of Walt Disney.  Who better to run the OCIAA (Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs) for Nelson Rockefeller.

The Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, later known as the Office for Inter-American Affairs, was a United States agency promoting inter-American cooperation during the 1940s, especially in commercial and economic areas. It was started in August 1940 as OCCCRBAR (Office for Coordination of Commercial and Cultural Relations between the American Republics) with Nelson Rockefeller as its head, appointed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.[1]

The Office of Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs in the Executive Office of the President was formally established and enacted by US Executive Order 8840 on July 30, 1941 by President Roosevelt [2][3] who named Nelson Rockefeller as the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs (CIAA).

The agency’s function was to distribute news, films and advertising, and to broadcast radio, in and to Latin America in order to counter Italian and German propaganda there.[4] The OCIAA grew to be a large Federal agency with a budget of $38 million by 1942[5] and 1,500 employees by 1943.

It was later renamed the Office of Inter-American Affairs (OIAA) with slightly changed powers by Executive order 9532 on March 23, 1945.

The OCIAA will be part of my upcoming JFK documentary.  You will be shocked by the connections between this agency and the Assassination HOAX.

As part of the OCIAA, the US Government needed to produce all the propaganda for war in the US and Europe. Who better to get but Walt Disney who put Wernher Von Braun, his cousin, and son of the President under contract to work for Disney who was partnered with NASA.

Remember Wernher is the son of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR was the person who created the OCIAA that his son was contracted to work for. Very convenient.


It’s clear when you put them side by side. Hitler was Disney. It’s backed up with the ear examination that confirms they are one in the same.

If you don’t believe me that Hitler (Kermit Roosevelt) was Walt Alias (get it? ALIAS as in fake name)Disney all you need to do is watch this video where I overlay Hitlers Burg, on top of Walt’s home. They are one in the same and even the driveways match. Do you still say its a coincidence now? Just take a look at one of the windows of Walt’s home. You will see a German crest still there to this day.

Hitler was Kermit Roosevelt, and the wife, played by Kermit’s sister Edith, validates it.

Hitler’s Father Played by Teddy Roosevelt, and the younger images played by Kermit Roosevelt’s brother Leo Jr


It’s clear when you put them side by side. Hitler was Disney.

It’s clear when you put them side by side. Hitler was Disney. The ear biometric evaluation confirms this fact.

If you know who Kermit is, then you need to know who his brothers and sisters were and how they played a role in the hijacking of humanity. To learn more search for Bush, and Roosevelts, on

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Bill Clinton’s Rape Accusation

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Bill Clinton’s Rape Accusation

Since this country is all in an uproar about rape accusations lets look at another phony one.  How do I know its false?  Simple, the accuser is an actor we have identified many times before.  She plays a role in the JFK Assassination hoax and is a Royal.  But where it gets interesting is when we validate who she is by looking at the parents of all the characters she has played we see they all match.  The critical note is with her father since he is the person responsible for creating the Bilderberg group.  A person that has been seen attending that group over the years is none other than Hillary Clinton.

What the Bilderberg group is, in my opinion, is the place where all these high profile actors go to get their scripts for the upcoming year.  This is where they work out their stories and plan their goals.  This is, so they are all on the same page throughout the year and don’t need to be in constant contact with one another.


Maria Goos is an actor. She plays many roles one of which is the actor known as Paula Deen. Also, she plays the role of Princess Beatrix. As a child, she and her father played parts in the Kennedy assassination, which we now know was a hoax. She is visible on the Zapruder film as Tina Towner. If we examine Tina’s father, we can see that he is the same person as Beatrix’s father. He is the person that started the Bilderberg group. So next time you see Alex Jones outside of their meetings. Remember, he is a royal.


Maria Goos is an actor. She plays many roles one of which is the actor known as Paula Deen. In addition to that role she also plays a role as the royal Princess Beatrix. As a child, she and her father played parts in the Kennedy assassination, which we now know was a hoax. She can be seen on the Zapruder film as Tina Towner. If we examine Tina’s father, we can see that he is the same person as Beatrix’s father. He is the person that started the Bilderberg group. So next time you see Alex Jones outside of their meetings. Remember, he is a royal.

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Who Is Mike Pence?

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Who Is Mike Pence?

This video was published back in June of 2017.  It has since been censored by YouTube so I now have it posted on Vimeo

As you watch this video remember this family has been the root of the hijacking of humanity.  They need to be held accountable.

Remember to like and subscribe to my youtube channel and if you wish to contribute you can do so at patreon


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Spielberg’s Father Is A War Criminal

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Spielberg’s Father Is A War Criminal

Walter Krupinski is Steven Spielberg’s father and a WWII Nazi Fighter AC


These images were found in the Greenberg family photo album.  I recognized Walter’s face then was able to verify it was, in fact, him by the scar on his arm.  The photos were taken in 2007 so the history books lie about his death.


Steven Spielberg's father Walter Krupinski a WWII Nazi Fighter Pilot Ace

Steven Spielberg’s father Walter Krupinski a WWII Nazi Fighter Pilot Ace


Walter Krumpinski a.k.a. Steven Spielberg's father, Bing Crosby and daughter, Michael Greenberg, Vicki Greenberg in China

Walter Krupinski a.k.a. Steven Spielberg’s father, Bing Crosby, and daughter, Michael Greenberg, Vicki Greenberg in China


Steven Spielberg's father, mother

Steven Spielberg’s father and mother
she plays the role of the voice of Joyce in Spielberg’s Holocaust interviews and of course his father is famous Nazi Walter Krupinski


Walter Krumpinski a.k.a. Steven Spielberg's father, Bing Crosby and daughter, Michael Greenberg, Vicki Greenberg in China

Walter Krupinski a.k.a. Steven Spielberg’s father, Bing Crosby, and daughter, Michael Greenberg, Vicki Greenberg in China


Steven Spielberg's father, mother

Steven Spielberg’s father and mother she plays the role of the voice of Joyce in Spielberg’s Holocaust interviews and of course, his father is famous Nazi Walter Krupinski



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The Truth Will Set You Free

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The Truth Will Set You Free

The Truth Will Set You Free.  But are you ready to be free, is the question.

When you are ready and you have reached the level of understanding, where your conditioned state begins to lose its grasp on your perception of reality. You will begin to see the truth that has been hiding in plain sight all along.  Resist your knee jerk response and examine the facts.  Look between the lines of lies they fill the history book with and you will find what you are looking for.  But let me warn you, the information you will see on this site will rock your foundation of everything you believe real.  It’s a painful journey you will take, this is not a joke, nor exaggeration.


Winston Churchill Hermann Goering

The Truth Will Set You Free. Winston Churchill was Hermann Goering

Become a member of and get access to the entire database of information that I have archived over the past 6 years of my work.  The information you will find is original and if you find it helpful in any way please feel free to support us through Patreon.



Winston Churchill also plays a role of Herman William Goering and is also the son of Pres. Grant



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Bush And The 9/11 Producers


Bush And The 9/11 Producers

You might recall James Tracy from the Sandy Hook event as he was the professor that was just recently let go from Florida State University for his comments about the event being staged and a hoax.  Well, he would know because his family is the one that was behind the hoax and you can see his family is behind many other events that I have covered.


We can also see that one of the principal actors in that event is seen in this documentary called 9/11 MXL, which can be viewed on YouTube.  There many other actors in that fake documentary but these are the two important ones.

With Roy O Disney’s son Roy E Disney, we see the hoax events continue even to the point where he mentions in this documentary, the JFK’s assassination, which again was produced by the same acting family members.

Jeb and his role.

About 1:09 in


I suggest you watch the documentaries that I did on JFK to understand who the Bush Disney and other families are that are all tied to the Roosevelt’s and are the German Royals after they were kicked out of their country.  Then you will be able to make the connection between the productions that you see today and who is all behind them.


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More Liars, Actors, And US Presidents, Exposed

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More Liars, Actors, And US Presidents, Exposed

Remember When you spot one actor you will always find their family members playing the supporting roles around them.

If you doubt my findings all you have to do is compare the spouse of each to the spouse of who I say they are and you will see its solid.

Brothers, and sons of President Coolidge.  We see the lies are passed down through the family and can be traced back to the Kaiser and the German Royals.  They have been in power and created this country and have never given up the seat of power.  I will put together a video outlining the facts as it’s too difficult to list them here.

Coolidge, Calvin, Jr.  

DIED AT AGE 16 (BullSH*T) and became Governor John Connally

You are viewing an intriguing image of Coolidge, Calvin, Jr. It was made between 1905 and 1945 by Harris & Ewing.

In the summer of 1924, he was playing tennis with his brother, John., on the White House grounds when Calvin Jr. suffered a blister on his right foot due to wearing his tennis shoes without socks, which became infected, resulting in his death a week later. John described the loss of his brother as producing a depression in President Coolidge that lasted the rest of his life. As John Coolidge told Life magazine in 1992: “Though father was tender-hearted, he rarely showed his feelings. But when they were taking my brother’s casket from the White House after the services, my father broke down and wept momentarily. Calvin was my father’s favorite. It hurt him terribly. It hurt us all.”

And His Brother.

John Coolidge
(September 7, 1906 – May 31, 2000)[1] was an executive with the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad,[2] and the first son of President Calvin Coolidge and Grace Coolidge.

He, of course, became NIXON

Coolidge’s family had deep roots in New England. His earliest American ancestor, John Coolidge, emigrated from Cottenham, Cambridgeshire, England, around 1630 and settled in Watertown, Massachusetts.[9] Coolidge is also descended as follows from Edmund Rice, who arrived at Watertown in 1638 and settled in Sudbury, Massachusetts:[10]

  • John Coolidge, son of
    • John Calvin Coolidge, Jr. (1872–1933), son of
    • John Calvin Coolidge, Sr. (1845–1926), son of
    • Sarah Almeda Brewer (c. 1820–?), daughter of
      • Israel Chase Brewer (1797–?), son of
      • Sarah Rice (1750–?), daughter of
      • Bezaleel Rice (1721–1806), son of
        • Bezaleel Rice (1697–?), son of
        • David Rice (1659–1723), son of
        • Henry Rice (1617–1711),[11] son of

He is also a descendant (on his mother’s side) of Richard Warren, who arrived at Plymouth in November 1620 aboard the “Mayflower”. Richard Warren was also the 12th signer of the Mayflower Compact.

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The DallasgoldBUG That Made Mark Zuckerberg Quit Facebook


The DallasgoldBUG That Made Mark Zuckerberg Quit Facebook

So we see the story now that mark Zuckerberg is quitting his job at facebook, and the reason he is leaving is due to a bug forcing him.  I argue that bug is me DallasGoldbug.  I’m the one that exposed him for being an actor and a Greenberg family member.  his real name is Jacob Michael Greenberg, we know this because I was the one that found his arrest record in Maricopa County for possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.  that arrests took place in Maricopa county where his uncle is a sheriff, Sheriff ARPAIO.

You might ask why is that important?  It becomes very important because in this situation they actually crossed the line and broke the law.  You see on that arrest records you see his real birth date.  That date which we can believe is real since it’s an official document, places Jacob at an age where he was far too young to be at Harvard when they claim he created the platform.  This information and story were fed to the potential investors in their IPO and lying about the creation of the company that is getting ready to make its public offering is a very serious violation of the SEC rules.  So we saw Facebook legal team jump into action the following day after I file whistleblower papers on Jake and them petitioned the courts to seal the information that pertaining to the IPO for many years.  

I guess they couldn’t take it anymore and finally had to get Mark Out of there.


Update Jacob Michael Greenberg AKA Mark Zuckerberg

Published Jan 23, 2017

People have been asking me lately how I can maintain my Facebook account after I exposed Jacob nearly 5 years ago as being the actor that plays the role of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  It’s very simple if you are familiar with the work I have done or listened to me on the radio over the years since I have spoken about it numerous times.  Exposing Jake, who also uses the name Jake Becker on his site, was first published in the form of a whistleblower document that I registered with the SEC.  That action prompted them to quickly have a judge put their SEC filing for their IPO sealed until 2017.  You ask why they would do this?  It all boils down to this arrest.



It’s a match even down to his hairline.


Mark Zuckerberg  aka Jake Becker

Jake has also played a role in mainstream medias HOAX events here in Dallas and Plano where his family (the Harmon’s, and Kaplan’s) live.

When I stumbled across this arrest while doing searched for the Greenberg family members (who I had been exposing for the past 6 years) I immediately recognized him as Mark and upon further examination and the use of ear biometric forensics was able to confirm This was Mark.  I also had family photos of him that I discovered in the over 5000 family photos I managed to grab from their family photo albums online which have been the foundation for my work.  Within those photos, you can see the family over the years having parties and family gatherings.  The people who are related to Jake and are all visible at a family bat mitzvah in Dallas Tx are names like Ross Perot, Warren Buffett, Christian Bale, Michael Greenberg The list goes on and on.

But here’s where the problem begins for Facebook.  The arrest records show Jakes real age.  When you take that age and compare it to the age facebook provides on their SEC IPO documents you see the story of Mark being in Harvard when he created the platform now known as Facebook is impossible because he would have been too young.  That means they are lying to their investors about the true story of how facebook was created and you can see that it was not just some social media platform but an intelligence gathering tool the government has put in place and we the people have populated with our personal data handing it over to third party affiliates of that company.  This includes law enforcement agencies both domestic and foreign.

If you think that sounds far-fetched you can hear them tell you themselves in a document that was published by DHS on the topic of Web 2.0

Here is the Executive Summary page From the Office of The Inspector General

Executive Summary
We audited the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) efforts to implement Web 2.0 technology, also known as social media. The objective of our audit was to determine the effectiveness of DHS’ and its components’ use of Web 2.0 technologies to facilitate information sharing and enhance mission operations. The scope and methodology of this audit are discussed further in appendix A.

Although DHS prohibits social media access to employees using a government-issued electronic device or computer unless a waiver or exception is granted, the Department has steadily increased its use of various social media sites over the past 5 years. Specifically, the Department and each of its seven operational components have established accounts on commonly used social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, blog sites, and YouTube, for outreach purposes. Public affairs employees have had wide success using these sites to share information and conduct public outreach efforts. These initiatives were effectively managed and administered by Department and component level public affairs offices. In addition, component public affairs offices have implemented policies and procedures to provide guidance to employees.

DHS and its operational components have recognized the value of using social media to gain situational awareness and support mission operations, including law enforcement and intelligence-gathering efforts. However, additional oversight and guidance are needed to ensure that employees use technologies appropriately. In addition, improvements are needed for centralized oversight to ensure that leadership is aware of how social media are being used and for better coordination to share best practices. Until improvements are made, the Department is hindered in its ability to assess all the benefits and risks of using social media to support mission operations.

We are recommending that the Department communicate the process to gain access to social media; establish a list of approved social media accounts used throughout the Department; complete the Department-wide social media policy to provide legal, privacy, and information security guidelines for the approved uses of social media; ensure that components develop and implement social media policies; and establish a forum for the Department and its components to collaborate and make decisions on the use of social media tools

Do you still want to deny the fact that they are using their creation “SOCIAL MEDIA” as a tool to spy on you?  It says it right there in their own words.

The Homeland Security Act of 2002 established the Department and its primary missions, which include preventing terrorist attacks within the United States; enforcing and administering the immigration laws of the United States- securing the nation’s borders- and ensuring the nation’s resilience to disasters. To support its mission operations, DHS relies on a vast array of information technology, including Internetbased services using Web 2.0 technologies.

Web 2.0 technologies, the second generation of the World Wide Web, provide a platform for Web-based communities of interest, collaboration, and interactive services. These technologies include Web logs, known as blogs, which allow individuals to post and respond to information. Additionally, Web 2.0 technologies include third-party social media websites that allow individuals or groups to create, organize, edit, comment on, and share information. DHS has defined social media as websites, applications, and Web-based tools that connect users to engage in dialogue, share information, collaborate, and interact.1

Social media take many different forms, including Web-based communities, social networking sites, and video and photo sharing sites. Some commonly known social media providers include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Facebook is a social media website that allows users to create personal profiles and to locate and connect with other Facebook users. Users can also establish a page to represent a business, public figure, or organization. These pages are used to disseminate information and provide users a structure to post their responses. In September 2012, Facebook reportedly had more than 1 billion active users.

Twitter is a social networking site that allows users to share and receive information through short messages limited to 140 characters in length, known as “tweets.” Twitter users can establish accounts, post messages to their profile page, and reply to other users’ tweets. In December 2012, Twitter reported having 200 million registered accounts.

YouTube is a video-sharing site that allows users to watch, add, comment on, and share videos. Users can establish accounts on YouTube by providing a small amount of personal information. More than 800 million unique users visit the site, and more than 4 billion hours of video are watched each month.

1 Department of Homeland Security Instruction 110-01-001, Privacy Policy for Operational Use of Social Media, June 8, 2012

But back to my Facebook situation.

Since I filed whistleblower papers on Mark, That automatically protects me.  Any attempt to damage my accounts would be considered the criminal offense of Retaliation.  And really why would they want to take my page down when they use it to keep tabs on me.

But since I know that I make sure to send them as much bogus information as I do legit.

NEVER use the option to log into websites by using your Google or Facebook login.  You automatically are giving them your location and other information you should be keeping out of their hands.

And a side note 


David Hoffman who just recently graduated from Plano Highschool in Texas is the actor playing the role of Snowden. Didn’t you think he looked a little young to be an NSA agent? Wake up, people!

Liz Harmon’s daughter Riley

Another person who was at the same bat mitzvah as Jake was cousin David Hoffman.  You might know him better as Snowden from the NSA hoax stories.

This is at Rileys Party on 2007

As you can see, by marriage David is the nephew of David Rockefeller Jr.  Jake is David Rockefellers relative by blood.

Hoffman’s mother at the party  far right 



Hoffman’s mother in the center.

34  3

Zuckerberg aka Jake Becker aka Jacob Michael Greenberg at the party. 2007

This information was originally released by me many years ago.  Since then many opposition sites have stolen that information and attempted to mislead the public by including things that they know are not accurate.  That’s why it’s so important for you to always refer to this site when you are trying to validate the facts.  There are many imitators of but only one

Become a member and you get the information First.

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Berlin Massacre Just A HOAX


Berlin Massacre Just A HOAX

The Official Bullshit

Italian police got lucky and got their man: Anis Amri, the most wanted person in Europe, was gunned down hundreds of kilometres from Berlin at a suburban railway station in Milan.

Amri, the main suspect in the devastating attack on the Breitscheidplatz Square, was killed after he shot at an Italian police officer during a routine patrol near the Sesto San Giovanni railway station in Piazza I Maggio in Milan just before 3am yesterday (1pm AEDT).

Amri yelled “Allahu Akbar” as he drew his gun and fired at the ­policeman, who was not seriously injured. A second officer at the scene shot and killed Amri.

The Reality


This image comes from CBS  of course.  See the BS  its a dummy.  Note the neck joint and the shoulder joint, as well as the color.  THATS A DUMMY.  So don’t be a DUMMY and call them out on their lie.

If anyone tries to play a How Dare You Gambit, my friend knows one of the victims,  You can say, yes that might be true in TV land, but your friend’s friend is an actor and a liar on top of that.


Do you realize what happens to a deer that gets hit by a moving vehicle?
deercar07 fdf911a7

And they want you to believe a semi hit a bunch of people but still looks like this?

Completely Laughable.

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DVD’s Are Here!!

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DVD’s Are Here!!

UPDATE 12/16/2016  They will ship in the morning.


Here’s a little taste.


DVD’s will Ship Monday 12th 2016


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Nov 26TH, 2016 

Finally finished the edit.  I’m very pleased with it, and I’m sure you will be, too.  It’s rendering at the momet.  I’ll burn a working DVD to make sure it’s functioning correctly then send it along with the artwork for the box to the manufacturer this afternoon.  The finished product will be mailed out approx. five days from now.   Thanks for everyone’s patience, it will be worth the wait.


Nov 23rd, 2016
I missed the launch date of the 22nd.  Sorry everyone.  Since I was sick with a sore throat for a week, I was unable to record narrations, so it put me back a little bit.  But all is good, I’m on the last edit, making small adjustments, and it will be sent to the manufacturer.  So, it looks like about seven days I should have product in hand and will send them out to everyone who is a Lifetime and Annual member of

Thanks for the support
You will like this video. It is epic!


UPDATE – Nov 14th, 2016
Production is almost complete (minor setback with me getting sick and having a sore throat, so I couldn’t record narration for a week).  But even with that, it looks like we will be hitting our deadline.

I’m very pleased with the video as it is now and I’m just putting finishing touches on it.  
Also, if you are already a member of at the Annual or
Lifetime level, you will be getting a copy of the DVD for free.  




Template-101-CD-DVD-Disc-FaceThe Desilu Effect – WILL RELEASE ON NOVEMBER 22, 2016

What do the JFK Assassination, Columbine, and Sandy Hook all have in common?   Find out in this DVD!
The Desilu Effect Is a video documentary Produced by Ed Chiarini, AKA Dallasgoldbug, the founder of (to learn more about Ed’s work on the JFK Assassination click here) exposing the Desilu/CBS involvement in the JFK Assassination Hoax, Sandy Hook Hoax, and The Columbine Massacre Hoax.  You will learn the families’ identities, and who they play in each of the staged events.  You will discover their connection to the Military industrial complex as well as their royal roots.

This is a must-see video.   Finally, all the connections are made, and you will see how this operation works, the rules they must abide by, and most importantly, what you can do to put an end to their attack on humanity.

This DVD is only available as a free gift for becoming an annual member to  It is set to release November 22, 2016 (on the JFK Assassination Anniversary), so reserve your copy now at this reduced price, and enjoy the benefits of becoming  WellAware.

The connections this video make will amaze you and will give you the tools to identify the BS in the media.   You will be able to SEE that BS =  CBS.

About Ed Chiarini

forward2At the age of 15, Ed was hired by author Robert Groden to illustrate his book High Treason.

The book was number 1 for five weeks and stayed on the New York Times Best Seller List for 16 weeks; Oliver Stone later adapted the book into the movie JFK, as well as writing the foreword for the second book that at age 18, Ed also illustrated.

The Killing of a President is considered one of the best graphical depictions of the believed events that took place that day, but if you watch Ed’s latest documentary, you will see the real story that we have all been duped by those behind that event.  JFK: The Case for Conspiracy was Ed’s first video documentary on the JFK topic which he Co-produced with Groden.  It was released through Blockbuster Entertainment domestically.

Robert J. Groden (born November 22, 1945) is an American author who has written extensively about conspiracy theories regarding the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. His books include The Killing of a President: The Complete Photographic Record of the JFK Assassination, the Conspiracy, and the Cover-up; The Search for Lee Harvey Oswald: A Comprehensive Photographic Record; and JFK: The Case for Conspiracy (shorter version than his 1975 co-authored book).[1] Groden is a photo-optics technician who served as a photographic consultant for the House Select Committee on Assassinations.[2]

A harsh critic of the Warren Commission, he also testified at the 1975 United States President’s Commission on CIA activities within the United States (sometimes referred to as the Rockefeller Commission).

Groden achieved his first national exposure on March 6, 1975, when he and Dick Gregory were on Good Night America, a late-night TV program hosted by Geraldo Rivera, and they showed Groden’s copy of the Zapruder film. It was the first time it was shown in motion to a national TV audience.




Desilu Productions (/ˈdɛsl/) was an American television production company co-owned by husband and wife Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, best known for shows such as I Love Lucy, Star Trek, and The Untouchables. Until 1962, Desilu was the second-largest independent television production company in the U.S. (behind MCA‘s Revue Productions), until MCA bought Universal Pictures and Desilu became and remained the number one independent production company until being sold in 1967. Ball and Arnaz jointly owned the majority stake in Desilu from its inception until 1962, when Ball bought Arnaz out and ran the company by herself for several years. Ball had succeeded in making Desilu profitable again by 1967 when she sold her shares of Desilu to Gulf+Western / Paramount Studios for $17 million.[1] After the sale, company officials renamed it Paramount Television.

Its entire library is currently owned by CBS Television Studios. The pre-1960 library is copyrighted by CBS Broadcasting, Inc., while CBS Studios, Inc. holds the copyrights to the 1960s library (previously copyrighted byParamount Pictures Corporation).

Paramount should Be PARAMILITARY really.  You will learn why this is true.

desi-arnez-desilu desilu desilubrother

1 History

Desilu Productions was formed in 1950 using the combined names of “Desi Arnaz” and “Lucille Ball”. Desilu Productions was initially created to produce Lucy and Desi’s vaudeville act to sell the television series to Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) executives. Both Arnaz and Ball wanted to adapt Ball’s CBS radio series My Favorite Husband to television. The television project eventually became I Love Lucy.[2] During the first few years of I Love Lucy, Desilu rented space at General Service Studios (now the Hollywood Center Studios), on Santa Monica Boulevard and North Las Palmas Avenue. Desilu Productions used Stage Two, which was named Desilu Playhouse. Later, a special entrance was created at 6633 Romaine Street on the south side of the lot allowing entrance into the Desilu Playhouse.[3]

You will see how they all connect.
66 3+3 = 6    666
The Disney signature has 666 within it.
33 1933 when the first tv broadcast took place in Berlin Germany
the 33 Club  Walt Disneys private club
33 degrees in Freemasonry
Hitler’s fake death Died: April 30, 1945,  that’s 33
He took over power in 1933
One of the symbols of Ku Klux Klan. (K is the 11th letter of the alphabet; 3 times 11 is 33, KKK.)
Jesus‘s age when he was crucified in 33 A.D
33′s are also known as long-playing records; You will see how the music industry all connects


1.1 Ball’s role in the company

Ball’s contribution was more on the artistic side. Ball had developed a sense for making many Desilu program proposals which would be popular with broad audiences and be successful in both their original broadcast and syndication reruns. Before starring in I Love Lucy, Ball had starred in many B movies before co-founding Desilu Productions.  Based on that experience, she had a good idea of what television audiences wanted.[original research?]

Ball approved high-quality, original production concepts (such as The Untouchables or Star Trek) for development into broadcast series.[4] She assessed proposed projects based on how the public would enjoy the production and their potential for long-term acceptance and enjoyment. This ensured a profitable revenue stream from the programs through reruns, which would recover the studio’s initially high development and production costs. As a result, even decades after the absorption of Desilu Productions and the production end of all of the original television series Desilu approved for development, certain series have achieved enduring success, and in some cases, redevelopment into feature-length motion picture franchises in their own right. Star Trek, Mission Impossible, and The Untouchables are examples.[5]

1.2 Arnaz’s role in the company

Much of Desilu Productions’ early success can be traced to Arnaz’s unusual business style in his role as producer of I Love Lucy.[6] For example, lacking formal business training, Arnaz knew nothing of amortization, and often included all the costs incurred by the production into the first episode of a season, rather than spreading them across the projected number of episodes in the year. As a result, by the end of the season, episodes would be nearly entirely paid for, and would come in at preposterously low figures.

At that time, most television programs were broadcast live, and as the largest markets were in New York; the rest of the country received only images derived from kinescopes. Karl Freund, the cameraman on I Love Lucy, and Arnaz himself have been credited with the development of the linked multi-film camera setup (using adjacent sets in front of a live audience) that became the standard production method for situation comedies. The use of film enabled every station around the country to broadcast high-quality images of the show. Arnaz was told that it would be impossible to allow an audience onto a sound stage, but he worked with Freund to design a set that would accommodate an audience, allow filming, and also adhere to fire, health and safety codes.

Network executives considered the use of film an unnecessary extravagance. Arnaz convinced them to allow Desilu to cover all additional costs associated with filming, rather than broadcasting live, under the stipulation that Desilu owned and controlled all rights to the film prints and negatives. Arnaz’s unprecedented arrangement is widely considered to be one of the shrewdest deals in television history. As a result of his foresight, Desilu reaped the profits from all reruns of the series.

Katz, the person who owned the alternative media market from which we see all the bullshit launched.  IMH, Clear channel, and GCN are or were owned by Katz – and that means Disney. You will see the connections soon.  Search for KATZ in the US Trademark website and you will see where all the crap that is being used to program you is coming from.  You will see the NAZI war machine at work.

1.3 Early years

Desilu soon outgrew its first space, and in 1954 bought its own studio: the Motion Picture Center on Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood,[7] what is now RED Studios Hollywood. Most of the I Love Lucy episodes were produced here.

The LADY in RED at the JFK Assassination  – -Look it up or wait for the video to show you the connection.

In late 1957, the company also bought RKO Pictures production facilities for $6 million from General Tire and Rubber, including RKO’s main facilities on Gower Street in Hollywood and the RKO-Pathé lot (now Culver Studios) in Culver City.[8][9]

TEX Ritter, one of the founders of RKO

texandroc2k texrittergood

This purchase included Forty Acres – the backlot where Mayberry was filmed.[10]

The studio’s initial attempt to become involved in film production was the 1956 film Forever, Darling, Arnaz and Ball’s follow-up to their highly successful MGM release The Long, Long Trailer (1954), but it failed at the box office. It was produced at Desilu but under the banner of Zanra Productions (Arnaz spelled backward). Most subsequent attempts to bring projects to the big screen were aborted, until Yours, Mine and Ours (with Ball and Henry Fonda) in 1968. This film was a critical and financial success.


In 1960, Desi Arnaz sold the pre-1960s shows to CBS. Desilu Productions retained ownership of those shows which premiered before 1960, but were still in production.

1.4 Ball as sole owner

Ball and Arnaz were divorced in 1960.[11]

Ball served as president and chief executive officer of Desilu, while at the same time starring in her own weekly series. In November 1962, Arnaz resigned as president when his holdings in the company were bought out by Ball, who succeeded him as president.[12] This made her the first woman to head a major studio, and one of the most powerful women in Hollywood at the time. Ball later founded Desilu Sales, Inc., that later became part of CBS Television Distribution.

Desilu developed popular series such as Mission: Impossible, (1966) Mannix, (1967) That Girl, (1966) and Star Trek.(1966)

A Desilu loss during this time was Carol Burnett, who declined to star in a sitcom for the studio in favor of The Carol Burnett Show, a weekly variety show that ultimately lasted 11 seasons. Burnett and Ball, however, remained close friends, often guest-starring on one another’s series.

In February 1967, Ball agreed to sell her television company to Charles Bluhdorn of Gulf+Western, which had just acquired Paramount Pictures. The company was renamed Paramount Television and the former RKO main lot on Gower Street was absorbed into the adjacent Paramount lot. The old RKO globe logo is still in place.[13] The company is now called CBS Television Studios. Perfect Film purchased Desilu Studios other lot in Culver City during 1968.[14]

1.5 Independent Arnaz

Arnaz left television production for a few years, but returned in 1966 when he formed his own company, Desi Arnaz Productions, based at Desilu. Desi Arnaz Productions, along with United Artists Television, co-produced The Mothers-in-Law, for the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). Arnaz attempted to sell other television pilots, including a comedy with Carol Channing and an adventure series with Rory Calhoun. Neither series sold. Arnaz also tried to create a law drama called Without Consent, with Spencer Tracy as a defense attorney, but after several attempts at developing a suitable script failed, and given insurance concerns regarding Tracy’s heavy drinking, the project was abandoned.

1.6 Independent Ball and Desilu Too

After selling Desilu, Ball established her own, new production company, Lucille Ball Productions (LBP), in 1968. The company went to work on her new series Here’s Lucy that year. The program ran until 1974, and enjoyed several years of ratings success. Ball returned to network television in 1986 with the short-lived Life with Lucy. It lasted eight episodes before it was cancelled (a first for Ball) due to poor ratings. LBP continues to exist today, and its primary purpose is residual sales of license rights for Here’s Lucy.

Desilu-Paramount TV’s holdings are currently owned by CBS Corporation, the eventual owner of the pre-1960s shows. Desilu Productions Inc. (Desilu Too, LLC) was reincorporated in Delaware in 1967 and still exists as a legal entity, mostly as a licensee for I Love Lucy-related merchandise. Desilu Too also partners with MPI Home Video and Lucille Ball Productions (formed by Ball and second husband Gary Morton) on the video releases of Here’s Lucy and other material Ball and Arnaz made independently of each other. Recently, Desilu Too officials worked with MPI Home Video for the home video reissue of The Mothers-In-Law. Paramount Home Entertainment (through CBS DVD) continues to hold DVD distribution rights to the CBS library. Syndication rights for Here’s Lucy were sold by Ball to Telepictures, which later merged with Lorimar and ultimately was absorbed into Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution. Warner Bros. is the show’s current distributor, although MPI now holds home video rights under license from Lucille Ball Productions and Desilu, Too.

Whether Desilu Too has interests in the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center in Jamestown, New York, is not known. Neither Desilu Too nor LBP currently operate as production companies.

2 Technological innovations

Desilu is often mistakenly credited with being either the first television studio to shoot on film instead of making a live broadcast, or as the first television studio to shoot on film with a multiple-camera setup. However, neither is true. Earlier filmed series including Your Show Time, The Stu Erwin Show, The Life of Riley, and Jerry Fairbanks had been developed and were using multiple-camera film production for television in 1950.[15] Desilu has also been credited as first to use a multiple-camera film setup before a live studio audience, but You Bet Your Life was produced using a multiple-camera film setup before a studio audience one year before I Love Lucy. On You Bet, Your Life, the host, announcer, and contestants stayed in their places. Karl Freund‘s innovative lighting setup for I Love Lucy allowed performers to move freely about the stage set and to be recorded by each film camera with proper lighting.

Desilu began the creation of its productions using conventional film studio materials, production, and processing techniques. The use of these materials and techniques meant that the 35 mm negatives (the source material for copyright purposes) were immediately available for production and distribution of prints when the Lucy series went into syndication at local stations around the country. As such, no “lost” episodes of programs occurred, and no programs were recorded by kinescope from the television broadcast.

Through the use of orthodox Hollywood filming and production techniques, the content and quality of Desilu productions displayed a high standard (for the 1950s – 1960s television productions) from the very outset. Moreover, they were readily adaptable to either comedy or drama formats and were able to handle special effects or feature interior or exterior sets and locations with equal ease.[16]

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