Behold The Power Of One

Another Well-Known Actor Identified In The 9/11 HOAX

Just Actors Shilling Out For The Government
And Their Families Who Own The Media Conglomerates.

At 01:05 She Begins.  NOTE she is wearing a Pearl Necklace, get it?  Pearlman? The Two before her are identifiable One as a well known SNL cast member.  See if you can guess who?

These foolish actors never thought they would see the day that someone would figure out their scam.  Oh well, I guess they should have thought about what if they did get caught?  The Actors over inflated ego becomes a gambit which trips them up.  It has kept them secure that scenario would never happen.  Combine that with their training in the art of disguise and you can see why they would be  so overconfident.

The gift I have being a Super Recognizer would not have made a difference if the availability of the internet was not there for me to utilize.  The ability to quickly pull up images that before would have meant a trip to the National Archives or the local library.  The ability for the people to access this information is priceless.  

Another priceless item will be the front row tickets to the final showdown.  Humanity v the actors who hijacked man's possible evolution.  I would pay anything to sit front and center so I can look  in the eyes of each of the actors I have exposed as they are read a guilty verdict.


It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that I'm using the technology they invented, that was designed to spy on the public, as a tool to undermine their entire operation, while giving humanity a chance to take back control of their lives that the mainstream media trick them into believing they were not in control.  Just the opposite is the truth.


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  1. Notice how peaceful the people walking on the sidewalk behind Pearlman are? wow Garret Morris! Dirty dog! I used to love the original SNL cast.
    At 00:48 check out the chick smiling when her companion wails.
    I am stumped on the woman looking pale with her natural lipstick. Just tell us Ed! argh;-/
    Go get em’ Ed! Admire your work to the greatest extent!

  2. Glad you are identifying more actors involved with this hoax. So many can’t/won’t believe that’s what it was. Eventually the sheer number of actors involved will be enough evidence. When enough people really “get” what you’re showing, consequences for these actors will follow.