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Once Again It’s A Drill

As the mainstream media reported the shooter at the Capitol building we also see it reported there was a drill of the same situation and active shooter scenario taking place the same day.  One they the public will wake up and notice the fact that during every one of these so-called active shooters  they have a drill taking place at the same location that same time  gee I wonder why.

If you’ll notice during the 911 events in New York there was a drill taking place of the same scenario the same day.

During the 7/7 bombings in London there was a drill taking place of the same scenario the same day.

When will people wake up and realize that the news is nothing but fantasy, fiction, and script it out?  It’s produced with actors in order to  make content that they can put on their Networks.   Stop reacting to their bs.

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If you are seeing a notice that the Facebook article is not available that is not correct. Please go to my Facebook page and you will see the article that I posted, that is open to anyone. I tried to link to the story but Facebook is denying me the ability to link to my own story.

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