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A Threat from a King

As we finally secured the website down from the massive attack these past few weeks, I get yet another threat from a future King.  So far this makes me out to be over 101 different people.  (We are keeping track)

This one comes via email from (note the reference to the Hague) If you don’t know who that is it’s the flat earth guy who I outed as Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway.  just days after I outed him he shut off his youtube account. So feel free to give him an email and tell him what you think about his BS.

To learn more about that click here

But this is what he sent to me via email today. hahaha  laughable.


Obviously the ears, nose, lips et al. are different.  Plus I’m not Jewish 😉

So each time they try something like this it just shows how desperate they really are and afraid of what I’m doing.

Other royals who have taken a shot at me.

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