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Georgia Police Officer Shooting Was A HOAX

This recent Main Stream media attempt to save budget while they keep to their objective of conning the American people with their Bullshit can be seen with their latest scam.  Since the subject is a known actor from Arizona and he is wearing the same outfit he was seen in when He played the Underwear Bomber many years back.  It leads me to believe that this footage of the police shooting is simply B-Roll footage they are trying to get the most out of.  It was probably an alternate ending they shot for the Underwear Bombers event but possibly they had to scrap it after I exposed him as an actor.  They just sit on the footage and use it for a more local story hoping I won't see it and recoup their budget they spent on hiring the actor to produce the footage.


More media BS as they use the same actor they used for the underwear bomber, now in the Georgia Police shooting.

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  1. I am so “Pissed off and on”! Holy Crap!

  2. I see some kind of “blue line’ across the fella’s cap in the fake shooting that’s not in the older picture… Right…???