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Dakota Access Pipeline CEO Kelcy Warren Is Literally A Joke

The CEO is Stand up comedian Blake Clark.
If you see it on the news then 99.999% of the time its made up and scripted out.  Just so they can have content and profit from us being so dumb that we believe what they tell us and have us running back each night to get our fill of some more bullshit.


Dakota Access Pipeline CEO Kelcy Warren is really Stand up comedian Blake Clark. The Dakota Access Pipeline, a part of the Bakken pipeline project, is a 1,134-mile-long (1,825 km) underground oil pipeline project in the United States. The pipeline is being planned by Dakota Access, LLC, a subsidiary of the Dallas, Texas corporation Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. It begins in the Bakken oil fields in Northwest North Dakota and is set to travel in a more or less straight line southeast, through South Dakota and Iowa, and end at the oil tank farm near Patoka, Illinois.[9][10] Routing the pipeline across the Missouri River near Bismarck was rejected because of the route’s proximity to municipal water sources; residential areas; and road, wetland, and waterway crossings. The Bismarck route would also have been 11 miles (18 km) longer.[11]


Notice the reporter says you will only find this interview on CBS.  There is a reason he said that.  It’s because CBS AKA Desilu productions are the main source of all the bullshit you get force fed on the news.  They are the root of Columbine, Sandy Hook, and all the other school shootings.  None of which were real and all of them scripted out drills.  You can learn more about this family in my latest DVD “The Desilu Effect”  available to members of this site only.



Here is a little story I wrote hope you enjoy it.

Now That’s Some B * l l sh*t


How many historical events must I expose as fraudulent will it take before people begin to break the cyclical pattern of running to your tv to get your fill of bullshit, then taking that bullshit and spreading it around to others? While at the same time, others are also spreading the slightly different bullshit they got from their preferred bullshit propagation station. (Which means they think their bullshit is better than yours because it came from CNN and yours from FOX news). As you pass each other in the elevator on your lunch break, you pause to throw some bullshit at each other, just to see if your bullshit sticks, then go about your way.

The next day

You find out that all that bullshit you were passing to everyone wasn’t really bullshit, but fake plastic toy bullshit made in china.  You get embarrassed, but refuse to believe that bullshit you once thought was important was really fake plastic imitation bullshit, so you keep it in your closet just in case some unforeseen bullshit happens to be uncovered, and it fits your stored away bullshit proving to others that yours WAS real.

Others bought their bullshit, and choose to keep it in their shirt pocket just in case someone asked: “Hey, did anyone hear about that bullshit that went down yesterday?” They quickly pull out their handy dandy revised bullshit edition and think they look special because their bullshit was published by an award-winning bullshit artist. “See”, they say as they aggressively point at the steaming bullshit they are holding, printed on glossy magazine stock., “I’m telling you that bullshit is not real! Even the top bullshit artist says so look right here in this bullshit $15 scientific looking magazine. “This bullshit comes from the bull’s mouth (Cough. cough, or something like that) “but it’s the truth, and all that other bullshit is bullshit you should forget”.

The following day… This is a FOX bullshit news report! You hear from the TV in the other room. ATTENTION! ATTENTION! We have a fresh load of breaking bullshit just in, you need to get to your TV, so you can re-up with the latest unrelated bullshit that just happened last night…

V.O. This is a bullshit FOX news report! You hear from the TV in the next room. ATTENTION! ATTENTION! We have a fresh load of breaking bullshit just in, Come close to your TV so you can re-up with the latest unrelated bullshit that just happened last night… but before that hears a word from a bullshit sponsor that wants you to buy their bullshit instead of their competitors.  Because our bullshit is shiny and people like shiny things.  (Cough, no they don’t) Who said that? …Nevermind.

Over and over you believe the bullshit is real, just to get the dirty bullshit stained rug pulled out from under you, embarrassing you. But yet you are so eager to do it all over again that you overlook who is creating that bullshit, and fail to understand it’s coming from the same people every time.

They don’t care if the bullshit is real. They only care that you are buying it.  AND YOU ARE.  STOP IT !

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