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ATTENTION: YouTube Censored Us For The Last Time


YouTube has taken down my channel.
So we are moving everything to

Please be patient as we have to move all the videos over to the new platform.  You will see the video not available in the stories we post on until we get all the work migrated over. Sorry but it’s not our fault take it up with Youtube who caused it.

Youtube has taken down my work, and it was all due to the last video I posted that exposed the Department of Homeland Security’s involvement with infiltrating the alt media and placing their agents within, who are then spreading the official disinformation to the public.  We exposed Marvin Bush as James Tracy, the Florida State University Professor who was fired for talking about Sandy Hook and calling it a hoax.  Come to find out M.r James Tracy is actually a DHS employee and not just a regular DHS agent but one who worked on the HSEEP program.  That’s the program that gives the grants money to the location hosting the drill.  So he is one of the organizers who created the Actor WAviopr form for DHS who accidentally left his name on the document in the meta information that is typically stripped from the material before they are posted.


  1. the suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security.
    “the regulation imposes censorship on all media”


Mo Collins well within her range

We have seen Mo Collins playing many different characters on MADtv, so this one is well within her range.

Mo Collins husband matches Kirstjen

Mo Collins husband matches Kirstjen Nielsen’s security detail.

Mo Collins and Kirstjen Nielsen Teeth

Mo Collins and Kirstjen Nielsen teeth are a match

Mo Collins and Kirstjen Nielsen Teeth

Mo Collins and Kirstjen Nielsen teeth are a match


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