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California Massacre Everyone Identified DHS Sponsored


Again we see the same acting family taking part in this staged event.
Rennie Grant is the Killed Officer
Erin Astin  an Eyewitness
Tom Astin  is the shooter
Remie is the brother-in-law of Mackenzie Astin who played Robbie Parker.  See my other videos on this site The Desilu Effect Documentary shows them all.

We can see workers carrying refreshments which it states in the ExPlan document they provide the actors with drinks.


tom astin is the shooter

Tom Astin is the shooter.

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As we gather information, I can see this event is looking like another DHS HSEEP ExPlan Exercise.

1.  The clues to this being a drill are by the multijurisdictional response to an event that would normally be handled by the local law enforcement.  When they talk about the fact that FBI brought in agencies from the surrounding area to play a role you can rest assured its a drill

2.  The Sheriff talking about details of the event before an investigation has even concluded is a sure sign its a drill.  To speak about something like this would put any court proceedings in jeopardy as being a mistrial or the jury pool being poisoned, so no law enforcement would ever make comments that would cause evidence to be disqualified.

3.  When you look at the ambulance at the scene, know when they are called they respond to a scene to pick up the injured and transport them to the hospital.  They don’t show up and sit around in a line like they are waiting for something to happen.  They get called, they arrive, they pick up the injured and they leave.

4.  Eyewitness accounts talk about hearing what sounds like fireworks.  A GUNSHOT DOES NOT sound like fireworks.  There is no confusing the two.

5.  News commentators have stated many of the people there at the shooting were also at the Vegas Shooting.

THAT MEANS THEY ARE THE FAMILY ACTORS OF THE DHS EMPLOYEES.   This is all you need to know to rest assured its a fake staged drill.

Photos of the scene clearly show actors standing around waiting for direction.

People comfort each other near the scene of Wednesday’s mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, California


This setting with the multiple witnesses taking to the press pool looks to follow the description stated in the ExPlan document as the press hot wash.


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