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Berlin Massacre Just A HOAX

The Official Bullshit

Italian police got lucky and got their man: Anis Amri, the most wanted person in Europe, was gunned down hundreds of kilometres from Berlin at a suburban railway station in Milan.

Amri, the main suspect in the devastating attack on the Breitscheidplatz Square, was killed after he shot at an Italian police officer during a routine patrol near the Sesto San Giovanni railway station in Piazza I Maggio in Milan just before 3am yesterday (1pm AEDT).

Amri yelled “Allahu Akbar” as he drew his gun and fired at the ­policeman, who was not seriously injured. A second officer at the scene shot and killed Amri.

The Reality


This image comes from CBS  of course.  See the BS  its a dummy.  Note the neck joint and the shoulder joint, as well as the color.  THATS A DUMMY.  So don't be a DUMMY and call them out on their lie.

If anyone tries to play a How Dare You Gambit, my friend knows one of the victims,  You can say, yes that might be true in TV land, but your friend's friend is an actor and a liar on top of that.


Do you realize what happens to a deer that gets hit by a moving vehicle?
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And they want you to believe a semi hit a bunch of people but still looks like this?

Completely Laughable.

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  1. Thanks for this Video. I applied the points you made in this video to an incident that allegedly occured in Melbourne, Australia on the 20/01/17.

    There was no blood on the car which according to the news had bumped approximately 20 plus people on a pedestrian walkway. The lack of blood on victims and lack of twisted/broken limbs is astonishing. Not one Motorbike parked on this walkway was damaged or even overturned.

    The images and video footage do not match with the reporters/eye witnesses statements

  2. I noticed too they stuck the wreath on the truck and knocked the tree down to emphasize the destruction of Christmas. No pictures of ground level damage through the centre of the market except from above. No blood, shoes or purses strewn about. I have to say I feel much better travelling now that I know these terror attacks are fake.

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