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9_11 FOIA WTC 7

I was pulling clips for my next video and I found this, and dont recall seeing it out there lately. So enjoy its s good one.

People have tried to claim an energy weapon was used, which if you look at the actual physical evidence, is nonsense.  So say that some energy force from above hit the buildings and somehow managed to burn vehicles on the streets but the street lights and other plastic and flammable items are clearly seen untouched (@1:25 in the movie) you can see the plastic crosswalk boxes attached to the pole. Additionally an energy weapon is a concentrated beam that is used inside the atmosphere to shoot down missiles.  Even if one was used from a military plane you are still looking at a CONCENTRATION of energy that does damage.  You cant make a beam that would be wide enough to do the damage you see in the video while still not causing damage to some items but destroying others.

What should be addressed in this video is the fact that two floors separated by several floors in between them that are untouched, show the entire floor damaged from within blowing the glass outward on the entire floor.  This is building 7 not 1 and 2, no plane hit this building yet the entire floors are blown out.

Proof of demolition. for the truth. If you find the information you just viewed helpful, please consider donating so we can continue investigating and holding these actors feet to the fire. You can do so at this link


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