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The Gorilla Hoax

Before I begin let me say I had this story finished and had a computer error so I lost it all.  I’m having to redo it which I really hate doing. But anyway.

First, let me say it’s not a conspiracy.  No crime is committed by these actors exercising their right to free speech.  No one is forcing you to believe it either.


Questions that need to be asked:

1.  How did the Gorilla get down to the water?
2.  How did he get back up to the top level with the child?
3.  Why didn’t they tranquilize the animal and at the same time have the sharp shooter standing there ready to pull the trigger?
4.  If they shot the animal wouldn’t 400lbs falling on the child be just as problematic?

The photos of the parents of the child that fell into the zoo enclosure yesterday have been made public.  It took all of about 2 seconds for me to recognize who it was.  They are using old photos thinking that will throw me off but it doesn’t.  I see through the smoke and mirrors.

Yep, the same old actors at it again.  This time bringing in Tracy Morgans brother to play a role as well as his EX wife to play his spouse.

It’s so easy for them to have a gorilla drag a dummy around then replace it with old footage of Tracy’s child.  That s an easy CGI project.

Remember yesterday was also the Gorillas 17th birthday.  Yeah right, they shot him on his birthday. BULLSH*T  they moved him to another facility to breed him.

We have figured out your conglomerate game you have been playing on the public out whole lives. Your perception management program is now exposed, and it’s not effective on us anymore.

Oh, I hear the opposition now trying to cause problems asking me to speculate as to why they are doing this.  I don’t care why.  You can ask them if you want to know so bad.  If you catch someone breaking into your home, do you care why they did it?  No, you just care about them being held accountable for their actions.  Same here!

I know that tactic is used solely to drive an in-between wedge anyone who might disagree with the motive but agrees with it being a HOAX.  So I’m not going to play that game anymore.  If you want to know why they do things, ask them not me.

This isn’t Tracy’s first rodeo either.  You have seen him and his daemon seed occupying your TV set playing roles in many events.

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  1. russellkanning /

    If Tracy is involved in these, I wonder how real was his car crash in NJ, that the government is using against us truck drivers?

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