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YOUTUBE Supresses Michelle Obama Forensic Video


Michelle Obama is Rain Pryor Richard Pryors Daughter.  Search this site for Obama and you will see the rest.

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  1. Berta /

    The funny thing is how similar Obama looks to Indonesian President Joko Widodo. That name itself, in American terms, seems suspect.

    Being of Indonesian heritage, he obviously could still have been born and raised in Chicago or anywhere else in the U.S. He might be Pryor’s son.

    The funny thing is, as an Indonesian he is not really “black” at all. Meaning, he is not of the Negroid race, but of the Arian race. The same as the people from India, the Arians. They have dark skin with Caucasian – like facial features, are relatively small and lean in stature, etc.

    Since typical white Americans cannot distinguish between someone with dark skin from Ghana, or someone with dark skin from Egypt or South Africa, everyone with dark skin is black or “N—–r” to them.

    Whoever Obama “really” is, the fact is, he’s an actor and the joke is on us.

  2. Thanks for this, Ed. Its greatly eased my confusion.

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