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When Pope’s Attack

Here we go again. YouTube removes my videos without telling me. This was one I did a while back and when I went to show it to someone who was asking for more information as per the evidence, I found the video to be no longer in my account. Here is the other video with the supporting evidence Remember to become a wellaware1 member and have access to all the evidence. pope4 pope3 pope-proof This image above confirms that he is who I say he is because you can see his WIFE crossing over from reality to interact with the pope who is her real life husband.  That is conclusive.  

As you age typically your ear lobes will sag due to gravity and health issues.


It took this one just a month to ditch his position after I exposed him as Robert Blake. As for Robert he was known to speak many languages and was Italian.

    pope The Image used for the biometric dorsal vein analysis.   That is solid proof.   popejohnpaul2   landry landry Listen to the terminology they use to describe him.  If that’s not confirmation then I don’t know what is.   pope2 paulthepope  

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