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Washington County OR, ExPlan Drill Alert!

I got this in yesterday and it is going to take place in a known offenders jurisdiction.  The Sheriff’s here are well-known for their role-playing through the ExPlan DHS HSEEP grant program.  I’m not saying there will be a staged event just providing you with the details they provided to local residents.  Combine that with their propensity to play this game and we could be looking at yet another staged HOAX that will be broadcast on TV as a real event.

Thanks to the WellAware resident who forwarded this to me.  If you should receive information as per a drill in your area please send the document to me [email protected] and I will post it to alert others as to the site and time so they might be able to document the event and hold the feet of the officials to the fire.

What are the keys to this event?
We have the mentioning of Roy Rogers who was Tex Ritter’s friend and Tex was the big man behind all of this BS. He was Nelson Rockefeller who headed up the CIAA that Disney ran in south America.  Then we have the cross street of BULL mountain.  I think it’s self-explanatory.


AND on

it looks like they stopped the archive at 12am so they are going to hide any talking of the pre-game show.  They are so caught.

HSEEP ExPlan Full Exercise Program DHS

Exercise conduct involves activities essential to conducting exercises such as preparing for exercise play, managing exercise play, and conducting immediate exercise wrap-up activities. Throughout these efforts, the engagement of elected and appointed officials by practitioners will ensure that the exercise is addressing the guidance and intent of officials.

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  1. RbM /

    hey, what happened about all of this..??


  2. Berta /

    This is great to see how they notify the neighborhood. Yes, Roy Rogers and Bull Rd, ha ha! Let’s see if they allow this to “go live.” If they are watching this site, they may not. This is a great way to catch them before they go on with their BS. Drill training ok, pretending it’s real has got to stop.

  3. RbM /

    WOW! This is a first… Knowing before hand exactly what they are going to do.

    Can’t wait to see the follow-up investigation on this one, Ed. Bull Mountain.? AAaaahhhh!!!

    If they go ahead and put this on the T.V. as news.??? Then what…


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