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DallasGoldBug’s Rant On The DHS Sponsored Riots.

DallasGoldBug’s Rant On The DHS Sponsored Riots.

Aug 19, 2014

It’s very simple, download the ExPlan document from my site (when I finish the maintenance and put my site back up tomorrow night)
ALL of these events (including school shootings, 9/11 Twin towers, the Pentagon, Building 7, Mall Shootings, all of them BUT the movie theatre shooting, are planned drills the DHS pays in the form of a grant to the host of the event. The Movie Shooting HOAX was a publicity stunt to get free advertising for the unnamed movie that I am not going to plug for them. BUT they did remodel the theatre afterwards and if you look at the board of directors for that Tisch brothers theatre the company that bought it from them had a known name attached to the deal and that is Leon Greenberg. So in essence, you have the family selling it to the family and probably pulling an insurance scam while they change the names of the corporation.

You will note that even the mudslide was a drill that they then claimed they need federal assistance and banked big time. The mall was remodeled, the twin towers built with the grant (notice you didn’t hear anyone bitching and crying about the cost to build the towers, because it was paid for, so was Building 5 and the government agencies in side got all updated gear and a new home.

It’s all a big scam that the media, then use to create content that you stay plugged into because you think it’s real. ITS NOT.

John Landis WellAware1 com s Weekly Wall of Shame Week 1 HD)

John Landis   WellAware1 com s Weekly Wall of Shame Week 1 HD)

Sep 22, 2013

This brother is no brother of mine or yours, unless your from the seed line of satan.
His real name is john landis…just another jew pretending to hate the jews or should I say edomites…or should I say khazars.

Rep Giffords Operation Safeway EXPOSED

Rep Giffords Operation Safeway EXPOSED

Aug 16, 2012

AUGUST 01 2012 – –

NO ONE DRIVING the TITANIC. All these hollywood actors playing politicians on MEDIA. NO RECORD of any one really working at or Try the for yourselves and see that I am CORRECT.



144, 000 protected before the tribulation. I suspect those are the covenant communities with green home domes that we will be building for 12 tribes x 12 ( leaders in each- 6 male, 6 female// ages starting at 7, 8 to lead) .

The Essenes — These were the “Pure Ones”. These men and women were the remnants of the pure followers and descendants of Moses who had continued to perform their powerful daily prayers, meditations and spiritual techniques for over a thousand years. The Essenes, because of their high level of spiritual attainment, were the chosen spiritual healers of the Jewish people. The Essenes were also the remnants of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School founded by the Egyptian Pharaoh ThothMoses III, who became David, Solomon and Isaac in the Old Testament, when it first began to be written in Babylon in the 5th century B.C., just as the Pharaoh Ankhnaten became Moses. /// // // // // // // // // // //