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Scientific Validation of Ed’s Work



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  1. sdr763c /

    hopefully this link will correct for sdr763c’s incompleted url [type in if need be]

    “That video is not accurate link removed” – Dallasgoldbug

  2. sdr763c /

    Here’s one more consideration that another you tuber has suggested. There are really 2 Jimmy Carters. One himself and the other JFK Might explain to some extent the size difference issue. Here’s the link [begin at 13.30 if the rest isn’t of value]
    Be interested to know if there might be another Rosalyn running around

  3. Marilyn, Jacqueline, Roselyn. Your work on this has been as masterful as the hoax created! Comparing the voice, looking at how Jackie’s full lips are compressed by artfully using makeup on Roselyn–beautiful work. Who would have guessed? We wouldn’t and didn’t.
    But now we are aware, if we dare to look.

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