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At Trusona we come to work every day to fight the good fight. We are steadfast and committed to winning the battle against cyber criminals and the awful acts their crime funds.

Have you ever taken a moment to think about what motivates these criminals? What the millions, and even billions, of stolen money funds?

We have. And it’s not pretty.

Any breach, stolen identity, gathering of someone’s personal information online is ultimately sold and used to impersonate one of us for the gain of illegal activities. And what are they funding?

Nefarious activities. Crimes that tear us down as opposed to build us up.

Narcotics. Weapons. Terrorism. Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation.

Beyond protecting organizations and the customers they serve – Trusona is here to rid the world of passwords. This one feat alone will curb their ability to conduct this business. That is why Trusona stands behind the #NoPasswords4Good initiative. It engages in community activities to educate and drive adoption of technologies that thwart cybercrime.

Take a few moments to read our #NoPasswords Manifesto and hopefully, you will be convinced that by eliminating passwords. we are not only helping ourselves but the entire world.

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  1. From when he was at Breitbart

  2. These fakers like Bannon draw a special kind of ire from me, l guess because before I ran across your work, my political views lined up with his rhetoric, so this one is a little personal for me

  3. Ed what’s up man was just curious what you thought about that collage of Steve Bannon it’s not my work it’s just something a friend passed along looks to be spot on to me of course we know that if they are in a government position or have been then more than likely they are some type of actor or subversive just curious posted a few times on your page on Facebook never get much of a response hope you are okay I’ve got nothing but the upmost respect for you and your work

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