Behold The Power Of One

The Media’s False Narrative

How many famous “A List” actors, Rap Stars, Metal Band Members, DEAD Pop stars and their husbands, can you identify in this TRUMP protest video?

UPDATE 03/25/16  12:22am

It’s not brad and Angie its her sister

KNOW the media is fake.  They are not breaking any laws because no one tole you the what you see on the TV is real.  They are just acting and its their first amendment right to do what they are doing.  Boycott  all their productions.

Ill have the graphic complete tonight so check back to find out who they are.


Brad Pitt, Angies sister, Darryl

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  1. susan dever /

    These idiots make me sick they will never get a penny from me “BOYCOTT” all movies & concerts. When it hits the pocket they’ll stop & thanks for exposing this scum Ed. People gotta WAKE UP!!!


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