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More Greenberg Trump Actors


Video is at the bottom.

If you recall, I exposed the little girl who said “cunt” on the today show, (the today show is one of the family’s propaganda outlets.  Jill Rapaport  (Today show reporter) is Liz Harmon who I have exposed many times for her many appearances in the fake media)


The same little girl is seen asking the pope a question (showing that all the events surrounding the interactions with the people on camera are scripted out and staged)


Then where do he see her again?  Where else, but where the rest of the Greenberg’s are playing their games trying to create free publicity for their candidate.  We see her cousin Brett Greenberg as playing the person that stormed the trump stage. He also was at the Batman movie shooting, the Boston bombing, the Sandy Hook HOAX shooting, and many many others.

They didn’t even try to disguise her.  So what does this all prove?  That everything you see on the tv is Bullsh*T and those that push that BS like Alex Jones (who I exposed as a royal) are part of the media’s campaign to condition you into believing in an actor based reality.  All their family members are playing the roles of the people you see here like this little girl who is obviously an actor.


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  1. Daniel /

    I follow a lot of alternative media and sometimes it’s ridiculously naked how it’s staged and I start to think that the whole world has gone batshit, this is awesome

  2. Elizabeth Ann Patterson /

    It is so amazing, one has a hard time conceiving of this kind of deception, unbelieveable truly applies here! I know we do repeat and repeat, but once it does click, people r all in. Wonderful work, Gold Bug.

  3. RbM /

    AHhhhhh!!! What an irony.

    A link on WellAware1 to Info-Wars with Alex Jones…!!!


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