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I‘ve said many times in the past, if you want to catch these individuals in the act, it’s very simple to do if you know what to look for. They play by the same rules, and very overly deviate from them. So if you know those rules, you’ll know where to look for them.

If you look at the governor’s book that I’ve linked,¬†¬†showing the governor and their spouse, apply the rule to this scenario and you’ll know exactly who the spouse is and where to look for them in order to validate What I’m telling you.

Rule #1
They keep it in the family.

Whenever you’re playing a role and you need a supporting cast you always use your Family members. You never use your real world spouse as your acting spouse. Because If you have a bad breakup, there’s a good chance the lie can be used against you. Therefore, you always use either your parents or your sibling as your significant other or husband and wife

Case in point here
If you wonder how people like Donald Trump can get young women to marry, it’s not because of money. He’s just an actor. Since he is not who he claims he is the people around him would have to be aware of this so they will use his family as the supporting cast. His first wife is his second wife with a face lift. His Third wife is the daughter he had with the first wife. If you look at the first wife you will see she is dating a much younger person. Look at him closely and you will see he actually Trump JR her son. If you can’t trust your family, then who can you trust.

This is the interesting part about that scam. They will use the celebrity of Trump to create celebrity for the unknown daughter who is playing his recent wife. So they create a celebrity from the other. Then they will have some crazy fictional breakup when they want to get rid of the Trump character (probably a sex scandal) that will basically be another marketing boost.

phillip-seelessRule #2
Never react to a person who has outed you as an actor in a way that will verify they are correct.

Here’s another case in point
Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I caught him several times attempting to gain access to my Facebook friends list. If I was incorrect about who I say these actors are then why would an Oscar winning actor be stalking my page? Once I called him out about it, he sent the above image flipping me off. That reaction broke the rules, so within one week of him sending that image they killed off his character. Of course they did so using the city that I’m from as the place he died, just as a message to me.

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