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The Nepal Earthquake is a Donation Scam



(CNN)The death toll from Nepal’s April 25 earthquake now stands at 8,019, the country’s National Emergency Operations Center said Sunday.

Also, 17,866 people were injured and 366 are still missing, the center said.

It’s been more than two weeks since the magnitude-7.8 earthquake rocked Nepal, and the death toll continues to rise.

Tremors from aftershocks were still being felt as recently as Friday, when a magnitude-4.7 temblor struck south of Kodari, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

As aid flows in from around the world, officials are trying to get a handle on the scope of the damage. At last count Thursday, the National Emergency Operations Center estimated that more than 10% of the country’s homes were destroyed (299,588) or damaged (269,107).

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  1. oli /

    So do you think technology exists to make earthquakes? Both haiti and tibet had relatively surfacey repetitive tremors according to usgs. How can i decipher?

    • Sure, it exists. Its called TNT. We use it all the time to shake the ground and do seismic scans. As for the two you just mentioned. It’s much easier to show you some demolished empty buildings and tell you there was an earthquake and gather a few ex presidents on the fake call center to answer fake calls on TV and tell you to donate and hundreds of thousands will fall for it. Take a look at USAID and who they actually fund. They are an umbrella company that gets people to think they are giving AID to those who need it. But they aren’t. You’ll see when you see who makes up the corporations they are the umbrella for.

  2. Erik /

    Just cant find any information on this piece. On youur site. klikking on everything but nothing shows ???
    Just as with the piece on “belgiums first TV Tower. Tesla tower ?
    I want to se the youtube video but your logo is situated right over where the youtube title is.
    very irritating.
    Pls help me to do my own investigation Ed.
    Best reg from me 🙂

  3. oli /

    I experienced a 7.1 and was like Ed, how are you going to fake a whole earthquake? Sure Rory’s camp could be profiting off real events too. Then i took a look at the footage, and it looks more like bombs going off in different places and in the mountains. Not to mention much earthquake footage was a compilation of Egypt, the Philippines and Japan. My friends sister was evacuated from mt. Everest base camp definitely looking forward to hearing her story. With a gazillion cell phones and nobody posting real raw footage, I get it, it is possible to fake an earthquake. I wonder now about the free Tibet campaign from years ago, since there are obvious operatives working in that country.

    • Were you there? Did you feel it? Just because they show you footage on the screen and tell you things to believe doesn’t mean it’s wise to believe them.

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