Behold The Power Of One

The Hijacking of Humanity.

Much more to this story to come.

But the Biometrics are solid.  If you doubt, check his spouse.






The Barrymore family are considered the first Royal Family of Holywood.


winston_churchill, SIR Barrimore, and H.L Hunt

He Winced a ton.   Winston.  The spouse is the verification.


The Second Wife-Mrs Goering-and-daughter



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  1. You’re saying he was Barrymore AND Hunt AND Churchill?

    • We will probably never know his birth name. That was the issue I ran into when I was building the database. Who was the base or original person? So in order to fix that issue I gave each actor a number. That number is the base character and the other roles they play are just characters in their portfolio. Actors would play 365 different characters if they could each year. That’s just revenue to them and content for their family owned distribution conglomerates.

      • What always surprises me is thinking about how it is pulled off. Goering is no trouble to me to see due to, at least in theory, taking very little time to pose as a “Hitler henchman” and then move on. But playing Churchill and Hunt would actually take being places, interacting with people and “living” the character a good deal of the time. It just takes some wrapping of my own head around it.

        • Also, looking at the Churchill and Barrymore family photos, Drew Barrymore sure looks a lot like Churchill’s “socialite” Anerican mom. That’s Drew’s grandmother I reckon. All in the family, at any rate. Also, the long, long line of actors in the Barrymore family both in England and U.S. Undoubtedly they’ve been in the scheme for a very long time!

        • The Barrymore family are considered to be the first royals of Hollywood.

  2. Ww2 is painful for me. My grand parents lived through it, in poverty. They bombarded our city (rotterdam). And the ones we trusted (Dutch royals, Beatrix) are actually the enemy. They profit from the lie. And to realize they are still milking the people, because they are still in Dutch government and any other government.. these people have no conscience. They teached us in schools about the war with books that leave out information or lie. It is a crime to lie to a child on purpose. I’m happy the real enemy is known. How come nobody talks about THIS? Because they don’t know it or they profit from it.

    • I can’t speak for everyone, so to answer your question about why it’s not widely well known, I would have to say because you won’t see it on TV so many never get to hear it. That is because they (the opposition) own the media. They always have. So you can’t expect them to tell on themselves. But fortunately, the truth has a funny way of sticking around and when it’s heard by people willing to look into it and verify what I’m saying it changes that person life forever. So it slowly wins, but it might not be easily seen due to its slow movement.