Behold The Power Of One

The Family

John F. Kennedy, Joseph P Kennedy Junior, Ted Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy,

Can you name the boys that are in this photograph? You would be surprised to know who they are and what role they played in this country. In fact, just this picture alone is their way of throwing it in your face, knowing that you don’t know who they are. They never thought that all these years some you might figure out who they are, the fact that I know I’m sure is not pleasant for them.

If you’re familiar with my work, then you know that the individual known as Hitler is Kermit Roosevelt. Kermit being Teddy Roosevelt’s son, had three other boys, Kermit’s brothers. One of those brothers Quentin Roosevelt was said to have died at the age of 19 in a plane crash during World War I. This is a lie. In fact, we know that Quentin is the person in our history books known as Prescott Bush. Prescott is also Joseph P Kennedy senior, and that we will get into further later in this story. But as Prescott Bush, Quentin had several children three of those children are standing in this photograph the young one that is in front of Hitler, is from Teddy Roosevelt’s brother Elliott Roosevelt who just so you know plays the role of Teddy’s vice president Taft. And remember when Teddy left office Taft was handpicked by Teddy to replace them. He was the only president that was never elected to office but selected by the president before him his brother.

The three boys that you see standing from left to right are as follows;
John F. Kennedy a.k.a. Jimmy Carter

his brother, Joseph P Kennedy Junior a.k.a. HW Bush

and their brother Robert Kennedy a.k.a. Tommy Lasorda.

The small child is their cousin, but you know him as Ross Perot.


There’s plenty more information without came from. I’ll be producing an upcoming video on DVD that will expose the entire Bush family and the Clinton family and all the rest of them that are still in power to this day that all stem back to the Kaiser of Germany Wilhelm II

Oh and don’t worry we didn’t forget about the daughters.


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  1. We think of these people being so privileged — but they are slaves from childhood. They have no real name & and no real parents. The parents are owned by the “corporation” and so are their offspring. They play the role(s) designed for them. Our ” leaders” — huh!

  2. Oh, man. Dude…

    • dallasgoldbug /

      Had you not seen the work I did on Kermit Roosevelt AKA Hitler and the rest of the family?

      • What…?!? Are you kidding me…? Every word, man. Just never saw the pictures of the children playing their parts so long ago…

        I’ve been following the story line since 2009, when I picked you up on the net for the first time… I’ve been there from the Get-Go;

        and I’ll see you through to the bitter end. Oh, yea – Let there be no misunderstanding – I’m just the tip of the spear.


        • Wait till you see where hillary aka rose bush/aka Heidrun, comes from. And Who Her Half brother Was. That’s a real kick in the ass for sure

        • AAhhhhh, HAHAHAha….. Well let’s get ta kick’in then, man… These people are a bunch of ass-clowns, Ed.

          Some people just can’t be intimidated. They won’t compromise. It just ain’t in ’em to do so.

          You are a leader an unknown possy… Yea.


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