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Supreme Court Nominee

Like many of you, I watched the Supreme Court Nominee testimony in front of Congress. I noticed some people that I recognized as playing roles in the Fake events that surrounded the Trump protests so I knew I was looking yet again at another made for TV SNL Skit.

The Candidate is not who he says he is. I will get them credit for a really impressive makeup job on him and his spouse.

The other we outed.

Judd Nelson as supreme court nominee

Judd Nelson as supreme court nominee


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  1. Carl Johnson /

    I like the work you are doing but at my retiree breakfast table I would not know how to respond to questions like this that will surely be asked when Gorsuch is being discussed in the context that you present.

    How is it that his biography and the 2800 decisions that he has made as a judge are so favourably talked about by so many? He supposedly clerked for SCOTUS justice Kennedy. What connection does the actor playing Gorsuch now have with Gorsuch of the past as he was building his judicial career? How can there be so many in tune with a deception of this nature? Or is all of this just made up and published as supporting information?

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