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The Question About Steve Irwin Was Asked

Steve Irwin is in fact John Denver and you can verify it via his wife.  This is just an example of how they legend build with their pseudonym characters.

Do a search for John Denver and look what you find.

So I think this is a good one for you to use as your introduction to the Actor Based Reality that I claim we all live in.  When I say everything you have learned per the history books and important events is a lie or based on a lie, I’m not kidding.  There are families that have molded your perception of real;it per their media conglomerates and the actors they hire (who are their families) to stage events, to support lies about events that never happened, and just straight up play games that end up with YOU the tax payer paying more money to their inflated budgets that are based on fictional events.

There has never been a school shooting in the US.  I can’t speak for the UK, but if it’s anything like the US, I would say my statement is applicable over there as well.

Please see the Columbine section of this site for more details.

Legend building is a massive business, therefore, they (the studios that own the characters that you see on the TV) can do what they want with those TV personalities that the actors are hired to play.

YES, Elvis is still alive, and you can see that information in the Elvis section of this site.
But so that you have something to shove down your throat to stop the laughing here.

Willing to actually look at the data?  If not then goodbye, you are not ready to learn the secrets  of the Media conglomerates.  They have conditioned you well.  So feel free to go back to your life and keep eating the shit they shovel at you.  As for the rest of us who have been able to shake off the conditioning I welcome you to continue.


So as for Steve Irwin?

When in doubt check the spouse.

John Denver, Steve Irwin

Yes, Steve is alive and is John Denver. You don’t have to believe me just look at the spouse and you will see they are the same person.


steve Irwin John Denver

Steve Irwin is John Denver and his spouse matches as well.

Remember when their daughter was having problems because she couldn’t produce the proof that her father had died?  Well, now you know why.


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  1. Nancy Kidd /

    So l wonder what steve is doing if he in his basement as a grampa so his kids still have a father figure.these people are so sick.

  2. russellkanning /

    As soon as I saw the name … I knew they looked alike. I was thinking that the crocodile hunter was younger than John Denver though.

  3. sdr763c /

    Since there surely must have been a lot of time devoted to the nature of Steve Irwin’s work, he likely was reared in Australia by a father who really was a herpetologist as he is/was? Along these lines a certain Cassandra Delaney, an Australian also, really existed. She became Irwin’s wife Terri, if not already such while also in her alternate role as Cassandra Denver after divorcing John Denver in 1993? Denver then left this earth/or rather the public stage in 1997?

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