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Civil Rights Movement


  1. Berta /

    I wonder why I don’t see your work on Rev. MLK Jr? It might be too sensitive, and I get that. Also not as news worthy as the latest fraud shootings & dramas. But early on ( 2012 maybe?) it made a huge impression on me. I studied and studied the online photos of MLK & Portier. I’ve considered many angles & possibilities as to why this possible hoax may have been perpetrated. If you’ve changed your mind on it, I’m ok with that, too. Would still like to see any updates on it if you have them. Thanks.

    • You should since I knew the actor known as James Earl ray (aka jack white who was king baudouin). He even asked groden and myself if we wanted to do a MLK Jr book with him. What an ass, he thought he was slick. I considered him a good guy and friend and before I figured out who he was I called him up to tell him about the JFK stuff I had figured out, then I figured him out and the following week he dies. Hummmm he was really old and his health was failing but rather to much of a coinsidence the timing of his death for me.

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