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9/11 World Trade

It is very straightforward, all you need to do is apply common sense, critical thinking, and you will see exactly what it is. Stop trying to make it more than what it was. All it was was a controlled demolition of buildings that were scheduled to come down because of asbestos. They took a veg of the situation played out a drill so they could get money from the government in the form of a grant that today the homeland security and FEMA offer anyone who hosts a domestic terrorist training. It is very straightforward. Stop trying to make it more than it is stop falling for the gambits stop falling for the scripted out content that is intended to keep you spinning and fighting with each other. There were no energy weapons. There were no aliens. There was no bull should that you hear from all these alternative media people. It was plain and simple. It controlled demolition. There were no planes what you saw in the media did not match reality and was created by the mainstream media. With the help of Tribeca film studios.

This is easily proved by the fact that we see actors that are well-known that have appeared in several other events that I have exposed down there that day. Now, does that mean that they were there that day. No, they probably were not because most of the stuff were shot for hand and a used Green screen. So, therefore, it is very simple to know that it was all planned out, and it was a scam.


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