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9/11 Pentagon

The following items were discussed during my interview by James Fetzer. See the videos and follow along. We cover a range of topics including:

  • The logical presentation of “NO Plane” hitting the World Trade Buildings
  • The Pentagon – damage showing how they pulled it off
  • The lack of any evidence for and a vast amount of evidence proving that no energy weapon was used to take down the World Trade buildings.

We also discuss the recent HOAX shootings (as they all have been fake from day one) those images and information is found on their respective pages.

The Real Deal hosted by James Fetzer and guest Ed Chiarini

Part 1

Part 2

Spray Evidence it was not until I found this photograph, that I had serious questions about the official story.  One being the length of time it took to put out the fire, and the claims of people being covered in jet fuel who were inside the building.

Decontamination of the Workers Covered in Fuel


In this photograph, we see individuals being decontaminated for exposure to jet fuel. This is always been a problem because if you are that close to a plane crash to get jet fuel on you. You are going to get burnt because the jet fuel just does not spray in the air. It’s followed by fire.

We are told that they actually put the fire out within an hour because there was a fire crew that was down the street performing a drill.  Therefore, they got there quickly, but then we are told that the fire ignited again and it burned for two days.  I know several people that are firemen.  There is no fire that is going to last that long, especially when it is the size.  So there has always been that question of what the used to accelerate or extend the burn time.

spray It was not until I found this photograph that it all made sense.  I wonder what they used to extend the burn.  A fire and looking at this photograph.  I figured it out if you notice the pipes hanging from the ceiling, those are the speaker systems.  If you notice the one pipe that has the nozzle on the end, it is facing the pillar in the foreground.  That is a burn pattern of sit, meaning that in the cellar and was sprayed on that pillar from that pipe, meaning that there was an accelerant put into the water.  Sprinkle system.  You can also see the spray pattern on the pillar in the background from the spray coming from the water spigot system again.  Now knowing that those speaker systems are made from copper tubing.  The joints are sweat with solder.  Therefore, when the fire got hot enough those solder joints melted and you had accelerant leaking out of the joints. 010914-F-8006R-004This is why you see the burn pattern that follows the hump on long the roof, which is where the sprinklre system is running.  That is why there is the burn pattern in that shape.  Now what did they put inside that sprinkler systems.  We will see that in a few moments punchOutInternal

Green Canisters of Fuel

Since this area of the Pentagon wa where they heliport was located, we would assume that there would be fuel for the helicopter located somewhere close by if those containers were fuel containers, then why would they put them on the grass close to the fire.  They would move them away from the fire if at all, take them out of their protective storage facility.  So we have to assume that these canisters are empty, which means whatever was in them was emptied somewhere.  This is the kerosene fuel that was dumped into the sprinkle system and used to extend the burn.




Again, these canisters were empty, or they would not be sitting here so close to the fire



Tracking and Guidance Antenna

You can see the middle ring the three dish-shaped antennas with attached helical designed antenna, used to communicate with and guide drone aircraft. This set up could easily have been used to guide the C-130 aircraft that was visible swooping down as an almost touch and go landing maneuver over the Pentagon. This could also explain the debris that was suddenly there after the first firefighters arrived and extinguished the fire. Only to have them reignite them and keep them burning for the two days so they could get their photo ops in line.

So where did the fuel come from to keep the fire burning so long? The answer is in the green canisters we see on the lawn.

No Cover

The next two photos of always bothered me.  And if you were in the military.  They should bother you as well because there something is taking place here that would never happen, especially with the person of this rank.   When you take your cover off it goes on your belt.  It stays on your belt until you put it back on when you leave the building.   So when you see a person of this rank (a command, Chief Master Sgt.), and he does not have his cover on or visible on his belt, you know, this individual is an actor and not a real airman.


Again, more airmen without their cover.


Additional 9/11 Actors






911sistasHere we see Jennifer Greenberg Sexton and Alyssa Bloomberg.  You might recognize A since she is the current CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer.   You might also recall she played a role in David Icks documentary on Occupy Wall Street that I tore apart and showed to be the fraud that it was.

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