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JFK Video’s

This documentary is the second in the series.


This next production is broken in Three parts.

Click the pages below for more videos and Photographic evidence.


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  1. Ghost of Sam /

    You claimed that was a dummy that the cops dragged away. What is your proof? Why should we just accept your word? Aren’t you doing exactly what you claim the media is doing?
    I work in the media and have been in the same room at a reception for Anthony Hopkins when he was in Sydney and Malcolm Turnbull attended as the local MP and I’ve known Lucy Turnbull his wife for over 20 years. Malcolm & Lucy are real people.I’ve been to their house twice long before Turnbull became PM and I’ve had heaps to do with Lucy when she was Sydney’s Lord Mayor and her uncle who was Time’s art critic Robert Hughes.
    All your theories fall apart when real people have had experience with the people you claim are all someone else.
    Of course the corporate media are a shocker and promote lies but then so do you.

    • Ok sam then you have photos of them? Dates, Press photos etc? Your name please since I stand by my work and use my birth name. If you can’t be verified then you are not worth our time.

  2. Roachgk7 /

    Cant see any of the videos on this page.

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