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Who Really is Scott Baio?

Who really is Scott Baio?  Looks to me like he is a plant set to control any complaints that come through the CFTC. Or is just another actor.


If you don't understand the significance of this exposure, understand the CFTC is a government agency who's job is to protect the public from scams.  Therefore you have the fox guarding the hen house.

CFTC Fraud

since we see Scott Baio throwing his celebrity around I felt it's necessary to make sure that you're aware that he's bought and paid for by the industry. Scott Baio and other actors will say whatever you want them to say as long as you pay them that's their job.


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  1. Charles king /

    Tamee. One thing you can do is train your eye. Anytime you look at a picture, still or moving, compare facial features one at a time from the same angle. Angle is as important as any disguise. One degree of angle significantly changes the appearance. Notice in the movies and TV programs they seldom show you two or more faces at the same angle at the same time. Pictures of large groups such as crowds or audiences will give you some faces from the same angle but they will be spread apart. BTW nearly everything presented by the mass media involves one face playing multiple roles. You will be stunned. Pay no attention to bodies. They are all different sizes with the same face. The media can make anything look real including the same faces shaking hands, kissing and hugging. Pay no attention to age. I have seen the same face on an infant, a middle ager and a senior. Don’t be fooled by makeup, glasses, color, style, lighting, etc. Focus on the facial features. The faces as a whole will look different but the facial features will be the same. Still pictures of crowds and audiences are good to break in with your training. Look at pictures of the characters on movie covers. If the mass media produces it or promotes it you will find one face playing multiple roles. It’s in poker games and reality programs. When you are watching the news compare the facial features of the talking heads.

    • Where is the connection? You just can’t make accusations just because a person looks like another. Have you looked up their height? Have you looked up his spouse? Have you looked up their ages? Anything? This isn’t a matching game. These people all have ties to the Greenberg family and their associations they are part of.

      • I appreciate what you are saying and meaning, as I am understanding it. What do you expect or think those of us that do not have the technology and /or the knowledge of how to fully use it to do? Like me. I do not have the money, knowledge of how, or ability to hire attorneys. I do not want acknowledgement, reward, or fame for whatever that is worth. I just want justice to take place. What are people like me to do? I ask this with much respect to you. Your work is awesome!

  2. Amazing how he can have hair & look so young & handsome & then look so relatively bald and plain. Of course that’s what actors do. That’s how Gorgeous young JFK turned into Jimmy Carter with no one being the wiser except Ed Chiarini!