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Who Really is Scott Baio?

Who really is Scott Baio?  Looks to me like he is a plant set to control any complaints that come through the CFTC. Or is just another actor.


If you don’t understand the significance of this exposure, understand the CFTC is a government agency who’s job is to protect the public from scams.  Therefore you have the fox guarding the hen house.

CFTC Fraud

since we see Scott Baio throwing his celebrity around I felt it’s necessary to make sure that you’re aware that he’s bought and paid for by the industry. Scott Baio and other actors will say whatever you want them to say as long as you pay them that’s their job.



    • Where is the connection? You just can’t make accusations just because a person looks like another. Have you looked up their height? Have you looked up his spouse? Have you looked up their ages? Anything? This isn’t a matching game. These people all have ties to the Greenberg family and their associations they are part of.

  1. Amazing how he can have hair & look so young & handsome & then look so relatively bald and plain. Of course that’s what actors do. That’s how Gorgeous young JFK turned into Jimmy Carter with no one being the wiser except Ed Chiarini!

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