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Oh how quick they are to exit stage left.  No more than a week after being exposed as an actor they quickly rewrite the script.

Saudi King Hospitalized for Dementia

  • News Code : 713917
  • Source : Agencies

Sources revealed on Tuesday that Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz has been hospitalized in Riyadh and is now in critical health conditions.

Informed sources told Arabic-language al-Ahd news agency that King Salman is now in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) section of King Faisal Specialist Hospital in the Saudi capital.

The sources also said that given the Saudi king’s unstable and aggravating health conditions, officials have ceased plans to transfer him to US hospitals.

King Salman, 80, is thought to have Alzheimer’s or dementia and the government is practically administered by his Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef.

According to witnesses, his exact state of dementia is a source of speculation but he is known to have held cogent conversations as recently as last October. He can also forget what he said minutes ago, or faces he has known all his life. This is typical of the disease.

Sources close to the Saudi monarchy revealed earlier this year that the number of hospital visits by King Salman in the last few months has increased and that he did not walk around, as he did before.

When in reality…

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  1. Basil /

    I like the way they slip in that he can’t remember faces he has known all his life! Not a problem that Ed suffers from lol

  2. Brian Pearson /

    Hahaha… his wife’s nose extension on the insert picture must rate as the funniest thing I’ve seen today! Are you sure it wasn’t taken at a Halloween party Ed?

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