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Does Your Vote Count?


Sure it does, but not for what you think.  If you think about what you’re seeing when you watch the presidential candidates play the scripted out games on the competing TV networks and applied some logic and common sense, you would realise they don’t need to rig the vote count when they have stacked the deck.  You are all voting for the same old families and electing just another figurehead that the Royals that Own the media can use to create content for their fake news empires.

Did you know there are over 1600 people running for the office of the president?

Did you ever wonder why you never hear of the other people running?
It’s because that would be like Coke advertising for Pepsi.  That will never happen. So understand the people the media conglomerates show you are working for those same corporations. They can’t show you choices outside of their actors, or they would be advertising for the competition.

Therefore, you must do your homework and pick from the write-in candidates. If you pick from the mainstream media hired ones you are just asking for more of the same old drama.  It doesn’t matter if that drama is real or not, it only matters if you buy into their lie and are entertained so you will tune into their network where they sell advertising for the useless things you buy.

Let me give you another example so you can see that what I’m telling you is not some conspiracy it’s simply business.

Remember the election where you had HW Bush, Clinton, and Ross Perot running against each other?

Ross, HW, and Bill Cliton, all family.


You have two of them connected right there.

How about Ross?

John F. Kennedy, Joseph P Kennedy Junior, Ted Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy,

JFK, HW Bush (AKA Joseph P Kennedy JR) Bobby Kennedy and the little one is Ross Perot, visiting their relative Hitler, who was Kermit Roosevelt.



Do you get it now?  I hope so because if you can’t see this and then go validate what I’m telling you is fact then you might as well start getting used to saying God Save The Queen.

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  1. Berta /

    Yep, they are all related. I would like to see the connection between Hillary and Sanders/Rothschild. Ed has alluded to their family connection. His posted photo of them together shows the family resemblance I think. Not that I think Ed should be doing all the work on this. The way to really see what he is saying is to do a bit of searching and comparing for yourself. I also see the resemblance between Hillary and Bill. More like half brother/sister than husband and wife. This latest post showing Sander’s “wife” shows what a scam this all is.

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