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Reynolds High School Shooting HOAX

Reynolds High School Shooting
 Once again (just like all the others) it's a DRILL


Comedian Blake Clark is known for his stance and jokes pertaining to removing weapons from the hands of the population. ANTI Gun Rights - Blake Clark at it again.   Comedian Blake Clark is known for his stance and jokes pertaining to removing weapons from the hands of the population.  Clark is a veteran of the Vietnam War, having served as a first lieutenant with the 5th Infantry Division. During his time in the army, Clark was also a member of the 101st Airborne division known as the "Screaming Eagles. Guess it's alright for him to also act in shows such as MASH, and Critical Mass, a film that centers around a group of terrorist who take over a nuclear power plant and a security guard at the plant who tries to stop them.

DO NOT SEND THEM MONEY They are scamming you.


ExPlan Document Download

If you read the ExPlan document I linked above. You will learn about the color coded badges the participants wear to identify who they are with respect to the drill.

Actors waiver form

Each time they pull off a drill we can see the infrastructure that is already in place that covers for the event. In all the drills we see the sheriff or chief of police in that area is an actor that is identifiable and is connected to the core family that I've exposed for the past 4 years. This event is no exception as we see Michael playing the role of police chief and also played the father of the fictional person in the Sandy Hook Hoax, Adam Lanza.


He is wearing prosthetic on his face as you can see by the lump on the neck




He does have a brother, so we might be looking at siblings. Nevertheless, they are all in the family.

Additional proof is seen clearly when you view the individuals with lanyards around their necks which are consistent with the DHS ExPlan active shooter drills that I exposed and leaked to the public.

renaldsschoolshooting renaldsschoolshooting3

Remember you will always see MULTIPLE agencies responding to the events. That in itself is your telltale sign of a drill. Multiple agencies from different jurisdictions do not respond to calls from another area. That one thing is always a dead give away.

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  1. Berta /

    It seems these drills will continue on and on until we the people wake up and call them on it.