Behold The Power Of One

The Actor Based Reality

Just the facts that you can use to filter out the BS.

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  1. ohh by the way I was an atheist, i have been where you are, so I found I was wrong, regarding scriptures. it always proved right and it keeps proving itself right.

  2. you are wrong regarding judaism being a lie. Christianity is a Lie. Sumerian is not older like Sitchin said. They all came from judaism.Now you want to impose your view and I respect that, but you have no proof of what you say, because you claim to be wiser than God.I like some of your site other things seem not right but it is all entertainement. Now You will see in september 23rd 2017 when messiah returns if it was a human book.

    • Sitchin is a Roosevelt/Disney stop believing the bullshit they created to control the peasants. I claim to be wiser then God? Are you high? I don’t believe in god. Get your fact straight before you attempt another attack and fail again.

    • The bible was written in Greek, by the Romans, and distributed through their network. All religion is bullshit. It’s a way of controlling the people and keeping them in a state of fear. Just like you do to your kids with the tale of Santa Clause. You better be good because Santa is watching you and you will be put on the bad list and not get any toys for Christmas.

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