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Yo Canada! Check Out Your Prime Minister

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Some might ask, “why does it matter?” So what if he’s Brent Gretzky, brother of the famous Wayne Gretzky? Well, it means 1. he’s lying to you about who he is to his constituents. 2. Do you think it’s just a coincidence he is your Prime Minister, or is it more like he was chosen not by the voters of your country but hand selected by the media conglomerates that control the people of this planet?

I think you know the answer to that questions, and it’s the same problem we have here in the United States. You will see when you review the work I have published over the past five years that those in control are the media owners. The Big 6. Their family members are the ones used to create the fake stories you believe real. They are also the families that have occupied the positions of power since before this country was thought and that date back to the Roman times.

Don’t believe me? Prove me wrong.

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