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Time To Know Our True History

Thomas Jefferson I believe is really the Marquis De Lafayette. We are limited to the supporting evidence due to the time which predated photography, so other than paintings and artistic renderings of the individual we cannot use the biometric techniques we utilize for the other individuals.



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As I have stated numerous times in the past, the history that we have learned from the beginning of this country is far from factual.  What I found is conclusive, and it is based on detailed biometric evaluations of the visual evidence. It does not use the words that we have been told as it's foundation.  What I mean is, people, lie books are written with those lies in them and we the people believe what we are told, or what we read in history books.  But when you skip ahead to present day where we have newly available technologies in the realm of biometrics that we can use to identify individuals, the real history starts to paint an entirely different picture.

We can take the photographs from our history books and validate who these people are, per who they say they are.  What we find is the shocking truth that our so-called founding fathers were nothing more than the enemy disguised.


To be more specific they are made up of the siblings and their offspring of the same King that we supposedly beat to gain our freedom here in the states.  Did it ever seem odd that during the same time we were fighting the revolutionary war against a king named George that our first President was named George might be just a coincidence you say, but I say it's not.

Winston Churchill of course play by Lionel Barrymore and was HL Hunt. He also played the role of Herman Goering during the war

Winston Churchill, Lionel Barrymore 


When you look and see how many brothers that King George had and then you look at the photographic evidence you will find that our George is the same George that we are fighting.  Now you say this is unbelievable.  How could this be?  I stay away from speculating per the motives.  I would rather stick to the evidence that we can prove and when the time comes that we have one of the descendants in a position to talk (and they will) we will get the truth they have kept from us.

John Connally, Nixon, calvin Coolidge jr

John Connally Is Really Calvin Coolidge Jr. And his brother is Richard Nixon.



hitler disney kermit

Hitler was Kermit Roosevelt and the wife (actually sister) validates it

The way you can validate my work is simple.  It doesn't take a degree in photography or biometrics.  All you need to do is look at the spouse of the individuals in question.

They will use that same person to play the supporting role, and you will see the same children used as well.
Once you understand what they are doing, you will begin to see the pattern start to emerge.

You will see them try to cover this lie by showing you photos of the same person but use selected images from different eras of that person life.   What I mean by that is when you have one actor with a spouse they will show you a photograph of that spouse when they were young.  If the person plays another role in history, you will see that mate again, but when they were much older, so you are mind, does not connect the two.

This is there the trick that they been using since day one, and they continue to this day as we see our senators and representatives, the majority of the ones I examined have spouses that are really their siblings.  We will get into those later on in another posting.

For the first time in our history, you will see that those former elected officials were, and still are the enemy in disguise.  As I said before, and they are the owners of the raw materials needed to produce the items for war.  This becomes a major problem when you see that while these individuals were in office.  They created the wars, and their family members were the people that owned the corporations that produced the raw materials for those conflicts while their other relatives funded both sides of the same war. The conflict of interest is obvious.

Once in power always in power.  They never leave just because a new president was elected. They. just handed the position down to their phone number who uses a pseudonym name that disguises who they truly are from the voting public. They do not need to read the votes of the election.  All they need to do is rig who is running in the election, and you never know the difference.  So vote for whoever you wanted still the same families that are in control. It will continue to be this way until you stop it by putting an end to the legal loophole that allows them to use a pseudonym to run for office and not disclose it to their to their constituents.

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  1. AnneMckenzie /

    This is a perfect example as to why I no longer believe in the illusion of government.

  2. takingletiss /

    Always seemed strange that the most powerful (and ruthless) Empire in the World at the time practically handed over the vast resources of USA to the American people.

    Contrast this with the way British behave to this day over small territories like Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands and you have to agree it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    IMHO this could be one of the most important posts

  3. No, not a hoax, but was a cover event to hide the movement of royals into the American Government. If you believe Minutemen could defeat a massive British army then you are easily fooled. Understanding the leaders were all family and their objective was to fool the Americans into thinking they won and to let their guard down as King George placed his Son George Washington into the role of a president so they really didn’t lose.

  4. Berta /

    The Revolutionary war was a hoax. The soldiers mostly indentured servants who had to go. The war materiel was purchased from France (do you think the French royalty, who was/ is related to English royalty would really side with the colony?). Silas Dean was in charge of buying the war materiel from France and did the usual scam of pocketing most of the money and sending cheap goods to the colonial “army” such as it was. This is still documented if you look up Silas Dean and see that his great grand daughter (I think it was) did her best to clear his name if wrong doing. He was accused at the time by Thomas Paine. Paine’s life was threatened over it.

    • Berta /

      And oh my, my, there’s that last name of Dean again!

    • No not a hoax. A mechanism for the royal family that we thought we were fighting for our independence with, but in reality, they manipulated us into taking on the debt of the war and then let us think we won as they installed their family members in our government. It’s been that way ever since.

  5. acacius /

    Cool, so basically the Revolutionary War was a drill, or something.

    Have you ever researched the English Civil Wars between king Charles 1st and Parliament? and also the Revolution of 1688 after that?

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