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Presidential Candidate Huckabee’s Hope, FAIL

I will follow this post up with additional findings, since it’s a large web they wove, that is now proving to be their¬†Achilles heal.


  1. deedee6364 /

    Wow Ed!They sure look like each other.This is one time that I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this.Great detective work! Looking forward to reading the rest of the story.

    • You wouldn’t by chance be Dee Dee Meyers?

      • deedee6364 /

        No Ed,I am one of your loyal readers and followers and take your side when people put you down.Just look on YouTube on your last video you put out.

  2. Dan Jensen /

    Do you think that this guy is Chelsea’s real father?

    • I would say, I believe she is most likely the daughter of Dee Dee Meyers, and Dee Dee is either the daughter or sister of Hillary. Who the father may be is anyone’s guess.

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