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Trump Pepper Sprayer Same as Stage Rusher


So as I previously reported, the individual that rushed the stage during the Donald Trump rally where he was speaking was the person known as Brett Greenberg from the Greenberg acting family. If you recall that article Trump Attacker Publicity Stunt  I showed that he has played many roles and currently plays roles overseas as several different officials in the Middle East. We see him again it again at another Trump rally/protests, whatever you want to call it. He is the person that sprays the pepper spray in the protester’s face.

So again you can see that this event is staged, and scripted out. The reason why they are doing this is because they have been paid to keep Donald Trump in the headlines. The easiest and cheapest way to do that is to create drama outside of his events.   Drama is what the Greenberg family members are good at creating.  That drama equals airtime on the news and of course face time talking to Donald about it.  So it’s free publicity all around.

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  1. Berta /

    Yes this is the game. Also elections need to be exciting. Keep people’s attention on the drama. That’s entertainment!

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