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Partial list of Corrupt Officials

Baltimore officials are bogus

Baltimore officials are bogus

“Gov Officials, and family of liars.”

From Government Officials. Posted by Ed Chiarini on 12/24/2012 (166 items)

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In this image receive the actor named Max Wright. This actor is best known for playing the role of politician Joe Lieberman, and recently has been seen playing the sheriff of a town that a school shooting event was hosted. He’s also the actor the plate in the television show Alf. I said in the past a quick way to validate what I’m saying is true, for those of you that are nontechnical, is to simply look at the spouse of the individual in question. In the majority of the cases we see the spouse of the person in question matches the character’s spouse. This form of validation can also be used by looking at the children. I’ve been asked several times in the past, why haven’t these individuals been prosecuted for their actions? The reason being, is the use of the pseudonym is not against the law. In fact, they can use a pseudonym and don’t even have to show valid ID when they run for office. They can use a third person to vouch for their identity, and it is perfectly legal. That is a loophole that we need to fix, and fixed immediately. But this statute that I recently found, I do believe they are in violation of.

I’ve yet to speak to my attorney  about this, but plan to as soon as possible.

This section is obviously not complete. I will be adding the content as soon as I get a free moment. I posted this so you would see the large amount of our elected officials are, not who they say they are and you will also find many are Royals loyal to the Crown and participating in the gun reform legislation. THIS IS AN ACT OF AGRESSION TOWARDS THIS COUNTRY, and don’t you think otherwise. They have an agenda for a reason and it’s not to make you safer that’s for sure.

Here is a link to my Facebook page that has more images to review.






CDC is a joke






Baldwin, Tammy – (D – WI)

AKA Mo Collins
Maureen “Mo” Ann Collins is an American actress and comedian. Collins is perhaps best known for being a member of the ensemble on FOX’s sketch comedy series MADtv. She became well known for several characters during her tenure on the show. Wikipedia

Born: July 7, 1965 (age 48), Minneapolis, MN
Height: 5′ 9″ (1.75 m)
Education: Robbinsdale Armstrong High School
Spouse: Alex Skuby (m. 2013), Jimi Englund (m. 1993) Children: Cullen Englund

Vein Biometrics as a form of identification



Ross Perot Jr

Paul Wolfowitz

Is Martin Landau. A family mamber whose daughter is married to David Axelrod, Obamas Chief advisor. Since he is an actor, this brings into picture the agencies he has worked for and their legitimacy.

A Canadian Attack

This one is a good one since Rahm is SUCH A LIKEABLE guy. You should by now see the pattern of these fools and their legal use of a pseudonym to become their own nemeses in order to get you to believe the government is out to get you, when in fact its the other way around as they want you to rise up and kick out these PERCIEVED bad guys, so this Country will be ready for take over buy THE CROWN. This is why you hear family members like Alex Jones (AKA Beau Bridges) attempt to get you to act out against a government that in his words are killing civilians and their children by shooting up schools. When you (if you have any logical bone in your body) know the school shooting are all HOAX’s, and no one is hurt.

But now you know who he really is, so he will not be able to continue his ACTING and will most likely step down because of his ties to the family business LOWES.Boycott them and then watch what happens to RAHM.

n we see them attempt to push Rahm in our face, but this time we the people are WELLAWARE of their games.
bad Rahm

Playing double roles

Guns, guns, guns, is what they fear most.

Mitch is a Royal and loyal to the Crown. Treason comes to mind!

Right in Front Of You And Might of Become President

Getting Creative on that name there Deb!

Obamas Advisor Needs Advice On How Not To Get Caught

Like is said CHECK THE SPOUSE to verify my work

Winkler is as close to a Royal as a non Brit can get.

Dianne Goldman Feinstein

OH I have much on this one, but will be making a video pertaining to her husband who is actually her daughter’s husband, and is also playing a role in UC Davis where her granddaughter is a student. Her daughter a judge stepped down so he can run for office, but in fact she is an actor you might recognize in the Harry Potter movies. Her FAKE husband is also one of the people that just signed a 15 million dollar deal WITH Feinstein’s husband which pertains to UC David once again. The corruption is massive and her daughter being a ROYAL as well make the issue of the GUN REFORM a big, big, BIG problem for her and her family of criminals.

Los Angeles Police Chief EXPOSED

Dallas Pro Gun Rally FULL OF IT


Harry Reid is Gary Mack and A Rockefeller

I know Gary Mack personally, and that is him. No questions.


Kay Bail Out



Churchill HOAX


Tina Fey Jennifer Greenberg Sexton and Giffords all the same.

See the Hitler Roosevelt section

Section here

and the Bush family sections here


Remember Check the Spouse


See other SNL stars working hard to undermine this country


Australian Green Party Fraud



Just another BUSH

Jonathan James Bush, father of Billy Bush on Entertainment Tonight TV show

And you thought we got rid of him for good.

Kato found in the Pima County Sheriff Dupniks awards booklet.


A possible Royal Father and Son Attack

Thats Steven Baldwin (the other guy in the photo)








  david sr is jack ruby
  david sr the nazi
  david sr and david jr
  david sr is Jim humble
  tex ridder and relation to david sr
  david sr is jordan maxwell and ruby

I don’t care what height they list for Boehner, he is no 5’6″ when he stands next to Paul Ryan who is 6’1″ you can clearly see he is lying about his height.


Today Nov. 6th 2012 I received a friends request from an individual that due to her Avatar (of an eye) I checked her out. The instant I saw her available photos I knew who it was. Recall Mr Blake’s trial for the murder of his wife? Well guess who thinks they are slick enough to get by me. The actor that plays Bonnie Blakey, that’s who.


Paul Giamatti (aka Geoff Trowbridge is turning out to be quite the little shill actor, as he makes another appearance in the world of the Fake Media.


Noam Chompsky and the California Governor Brown

Oh this week has been an interesting one indeed. It seems all the top individuals have tried to gain access to my FB friends list. Some of them I have allowed them to have access while letting them think I don’t know who they were. So when they pipe up then I clamp down.



Photo on the left is Jay the other three are Bacon. Not long after I posted this on my FB account the people that posted today White House Press Conference with Jay speaking, pulled the video but that’s OK it just shows that we struck a nerve. Plus I copy everything, knowing they are cowards and play games like that when they get exposed.

I have a feeling tomorrow the 27th might be a big day for them to attempt to distract you from further inquiry into this matter. We are getting very near the time for them to cut and run as thousands of people daily visit this site and learn the truth about the lies they have forced on you without your knowledge, along with the lies they push about me. If they think some slander will cause me to deviate from my objective then again they show they are not as smart as we give them credit.

Some posters that have begun to appear showing this actor and his poor decision to accept his role of White House Liar
Posters by Mitch Brooks on Facebook

The MTV JACKASS Crew strikes again, and again, and again. When will enough be enough?  PLEASE SOME FEDERAL JUDGE or Grand Jury somewhere put an end to the madness?  But then what will we do, without all the turmoil and stress that the TV provides us? What will we do without the Bravo NETWORK fake reality shows, or the Greenberg’s filling our heads with lies about middle eastern men coming to get us because we are free?  What will all those actors that began their careers lying to us about the Columbine HOAX, or the ones with all that Disney training do then? Oh My!





Too Many Chiefs

Whether or not the actor that plays Will Smith ever played college or pro ball is not the issue here since they can tell you anything they want and show you any footage real or fake and tell you its whatever. The Ear doesn’t lie and this one speaks volumes.

My latest and a very important video as the people of California and Montana need to be aware of this very dangerous situation.

Heads up you are being played by this convicted criminal. If he gets elected, his agenda will be to bankrupt your state and leave it in the hands of foreign estate corporations like Mitsubishi who OWN his relatives management company called The Rockefeller Management Group. Yes, that’s right, the Rockefeller group is owned by Mitsubishi; go look it up. This will be a reverse gentrification of your state as he will lower the value on purpose so the foreign investment corps will scoop it up at a discounted rate. LOOK at Arizona (Maricopa County) and guess who owns the largest amount of surface. You guessed; it the Rockefeller Group i.e. Mitsubishi


Greenberg/Rockefeller Domestic Terrorists

Brett Greenberg Grandson of Maurice Greenbergs the former CEO of AIG. is turning out to give his uncle Tony Greenberg a run for the top position of Shill of the Year on the Wellaware1 wall of shame.

Pam Minik is the actor that plays Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Brewer get it? Pam and her husband own the Bar Billy Bobs in Ft. Worth Texas.

What else PLAYING THE ROLE OF OJ for a “so called” film on his life.  Right, sure I believe that one.

A College History Professor, moonlights as an actor, that takes part in the manipulation of History so he can push his Communist agenda.  Sounds like a made for TV movie.  Unfortunately its real.

Here are the contacts at the college he teaches HISTORY.

Make sure you send this to loved ones that live in the Middle East so we both can put a stop to this.

Just think about all the time you have spent talking about, wondering about, watching news piece, after news piece, come to find out it was all made up.
A fiction, scripted by individuals hell bent on tricking you into believing that other humans on this planet are out to kill you so we need to kill them first.
Whether or not you believe in a God, you don’t need to be religions to know what evil truly looks like.
Hold every last one of these people accountable for all the damage they caused.  Make sure you keep an eye on them as they will, when you are not looking, skip town and disappear in some non extraditable country.

Britney Spears



There has never been a mass shooting on a campus, PERIOD! You show me one and Ill show you the folks behind the hoax.

Emily Maynerd, Britney Spears, Taylor Armstrong, and The wife of Bentley (the hated guy) from the Bachelorette are played by the same artist.

So why is this important?

Its important due to the fact that many people believe what they see on TV is real, especially when the show has the words “REAL”, or “REALITY” in the title.  Watching this type of PROGRAMMING, over a period of time the individual will become conditioned to believe in an actor based reality. This removes that persons ability to think with logic and reason and creates an artificial belief system that they will defend as if it were reality because they have been tricked out of their common sense. Long periods of being subjected to this type of manipulation will cause the individual to become even more susceptible to the manipulation of the entertainment industry.  Either to sell you a product or to implant a artificial belief system in your head the results are the same.  A dumbing down of the nation. You can test what I’m saying by telling a person that watches TV that Emily from the show the Bachelorette, is in fact Britney Spears, and watch their reaction. If they cant see it show them that the child that Camille Grammar and Kelsey are said to parent is the same child that is shown to be Emily’s daughter Rickey, is the same child they use on the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Taylor Armstrong (who again is the same actor that plays Britney and others.)  daughter Kennedy.  To top it off the husband of Taylor Armstrong (the one that we are told died) is actually the actor that plays Kelsey Grammar (who is in reality a family member of the Greenberg’s, who we have been investigating for the past year and a half.)

Once to see the truth about this problem it becomes much harder for them to continue their games.


Ray playing double roles

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