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With Fake Events, Comes Fake Reporters

As the media has to cement the lie in the public’s mind, they must continue to pound it in your head with the use of fake experts and reporters who can fill the missing holes in their story and create new branches for you to get hung out to dry.  Since the event was a drill and the media then embellish on that planned event, they need to create fake reporters and experts so who do they choose for that role?  Well who else but their relatives who are actors looking for work.

Luke Perry, a pseudonym, of course, we will never know his real name, is the go-to man for this RT BS spot.   It doesn’t matter that we don’t know his birth name what matters here is that you now see his face and know this is a character he is playing.  This in turn makes it harder for them to use him again unless he is very skilled and can alter his appearance to the point that he slips on by my radar.  They know that shaving their heads or dying their hair doesn’t quite cut it.  But that doesn’t stop them from trying.  So as long as they are willing to risk their careers I’m ready to risk mine and expose them.

Luke perry AKA Gearoid O Colmain

Luke plays a role on RT to cement the fake Paris attack

Here is the origional post.

Paris Terrorists Attacks (UPDATE)

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Do you know how you can tell if an event is fake or not?  Well, if you see Brett Greenberg then you can bet it’s staged.

Hello Brett.



Parents pick-up children outside Sandy Hook Elementary School after a shooting in Newtown

Brett at Sandy Hook




Do you see these photos?  They are from the AP.  They even have time to write out all the descriptions and tag all the 21,000  photos, they already have ready to be sold to you.


Come on people do I need to say it?

If you wish to know what is going on with the HOAX/Drills just listen and watch this.

When ambulances arrive at a scene what do they do?  They pick up people and get them to a hospital.  They don’t sit around and stand in groups talking to each other.

Did you see any blood on the EMT’s, or the victims?  NO

If there is a manhunt do you think the press is allowed to stand right next to the officers who are actively looking for a potentially armed person?  NO

Do you see any police tape securing the scene of a murder?  No

Do you see multiple agencies, including the military there?  Yes

What does all that add up to?

It is a drill.

Fireman fail

Is everyone just going to stand around and watch that guy carry the woman to the ambulance? What kind of firemans carry is that?

victims-lay-on-the-pavement-in-a-paris-restaurant-friday-n france-attacks-paris5

Error Level Analysis proves it.  The images they claim are of the terrorists, have the wounds digitally added to them.
Feel free to perform your own test at

Have you ever seen dead bodies that color?  NO



parris terrorists ela1

parris terrorists ela


Fullscreen capture 11142015 125940 PM.bmp

Note the two cell phones. Actors are not allowed to bring their cell phones to these staged events. So in order to make the people look genuine they are given fake cell phones to use during the shoot. This actor is obviously on his way to return his prop.


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