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Orlando Night Club Shooting HOAX


Greenberg's at it again

Know it’s a drill when you hear them say, “Police from multiple agencies responded.”   Shootings are the jurisdiction of the police where they are located.  They don’t need help from other organizations.  This is a multi-jurisdictional drill.

13 minutes in of the Orlando Fire dispatch they are told to go to debriefing.  When do you debrief an emergency worker about their job?  You don’t unless it’s a drill and they are told what to say and what not to say.

And let me further state that this whole triage thing is a fake staged event for the new media to photograph.  WHEN AN AMBULANCE SHOWS UP TO A SHOOTING, THEY TAKE THE INJURED TO THE HOSPITAL.  They don’t treat people like it’s some M,A.S.H. unit out on the battlefield.  They transport the people to the hospital as quickly as they can.  They also don’t sit around in groups with the lights flashing and them doing nothing.  They are in the business to get to the scene and transport the injured.  THAT’S IT. IT’S A DRILL

Additional proof is the fact they remove the archive of the police broadcasts during the time the events take place.


orlando shooting police audio

More for your education as to these drill HOAX events.


Other updates

Orlando Liar Sings The Blues

Christine Leinonen mother of Orlando Shooting HOAX victim 2016 The images above are from 2013  she easily could have gained the weight and could be pregnant for all we know. Notice her slip and talk about him as being alive in present tense.   She won't win any Oscar for this performance.  NOTE the Disney comment. […]

Orlando Gun Store Owner

This is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Orlando Shooting HOAX Update

Questions: Ed how do you figure these out so quickly? Answer: I know the families that are producing these events. When you know who they work with, you know who to look for as per the actors that will be used. When you see, the Senator that is talking about the Orlando Shooting is the artist known for her role on the TV show Good Times, Ester Roll, and her characters name on the show was Florida, who was born and raised in Florida, and you know that show was produced by Norman Lear, who we have identified in several other events such as the Micke Brown Shooting HOAX, and as the billionaire who backed Marco Rubio, his Grandson, you know all you need to about the event.
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  1. Hey,

    THere’s Roger Daltrey playing the “lawyer” again…


    • Justin /

      Yes, that is total BS too. A long time ago, I realized that we are surrounded by lies and BS, and it is our job in life to discern what is truth. It is not easy, but it is very rewarding.

  2. russellkanning /

    Well the closest I have come to actual victim info is ….. a lady on facebook said her daughter in law knew 2 people from college that were killed …. no names. She said look it up on the victims list …. she won’t tell me which names to look for……. so no real info.

    • And that’s where the illusion falls apart as the actor won’t give you the details that will verify who they are and their story. If you had a loved on that was killed, first, off you wouldn’t be online talking about it and if you were, you wouldn’t be afraid to verify your loved one, but you sure a hell would be if you were violating the HIPPA laws.